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Scientific Poster Sessions

We specialize in creating posters for scientific sessions and meetings. These guidelines will provide you with the information you need to submit a job. If, however, you donít find the information you need, please contact us directly at (513) 558-0161.

What We Need From You:
  • Poster Needs to be Designed: If you want us to design your poster, simply e-mail your content and images to, or drop off your data on a CD, DVD or flash drive to our office, Kowalewski Hall (College of Pharmacy Building) room G-40. Text can be in Microsoft Word or PowerPoint. Images should be submitted in high resolution (at least 300 dpi).

  • Poster Already Designed: If your poster has already been designed, just e-mail your file to Please note, the UC e-mail attachment limit is approximately 25MB. Larger files can be dropped off to our office, Kowalewski Hall room G-40. We use Adobe InDesign to create our posters due to its adaptability with our printing system. You may use other programs if you prefer.

    • Tips for design: An important aspect of poster design is setting up the aspect ratio of the page setup correctly. The document must be set up with the same width-to-height ratio you want your poster to have when it is printing, but it can be (and probably should be) set up at a percentage of the actual size. For example, our template for a 4x6-foot poster is a document that is 12 inches high and 18 inches wide. A 4x6 poster has a ratio of 1 to 1.5, so the template is set up small scale with the same 1 to 1.5 ratio. If you have questions about setting up your document correctly, please contact us so we can help you avoid time-consuming (and costly) problems.

    • Branded Poster Session Templates: The university has made available a number of branded, poster session templates that can be downloaded free of charge. >> View Poster Session Templates

    • Microsoft Publisher: We often encounter problems with files set up in Microsoft Publisher. If you donít feel comfortable using any other program, please contact us before your begin your poster design, so we can help you avoid time-consuming (and costly) problems.

    • Saving files: Itís important that all the files that you used to design your poster are saved on the same disk as the master file. This includes photos and graphics. This will help save time and money.
  • Printing: The base cost for wide format printing is $4.11 per square foot, plus a minimum production charge (for time spent) of $32.50. This means a poster measuring 4x8 feet (32 square feet) would cost $164.02 ($32.50 + [32 x $4.11]) to print. Similarly, a 4x6 foot poster (24 square feet) would cost $131.14 ($32.50 + [24 x $4.11]).

    We are now able to print your posters on a polyester fabric media. The advantage is that your poster can be folded and stored in your briefcase or other carry-on instead of being rolled up and placed in a tube that will need to be either checked or fit into overhead storage. The cost of this new media is $4.97 per square foot. Contact our staff for more information.

  • Laminating: If you choose to have your poster laminated (which is recommended for the protection of the poster), there will be a charge of $1.85 per square foot. This means your 4x6 poster will cost $44.40 (24 x $1.85) to laminate, or your 4x8 poster will cost $59.20 (32 x $1.85).

  • Proof Copies: Once you've submitted your file, you will be emailed a PDF proof to check. In most cases, this electronic proof should be fine if you check carefully before you approve. If you would prefer a printed proof, you can request that and we would be glad to provide it for you.

  • Production Charge: For any poster printed, there will be a minimum production charge of $32.50. This represents a half-hour of our production fee, and covers the time it takes to trim out your poster after it has been printed/laminated. If you want us to do the poster layout, there will also be a production charge for this service. Most posters can be set up in one to 1.5 hours. On average, production fees for most poster layouts are between $65 and $97.50.

  • Tubes: We stock one type of container, which will easily hold a rolled-up poster up to 4 feet high. The charge for a cylindrical tube is $7.31.

  • Scanning: If you need any photos scanned as part of the layout, scans will be billed at $11 per high-resolution scan.

Priority Charges: If work needs to be turned around in less than the time allotted per the project (three business days for ready files; five to seven business days for posters needing designed), there will be a priority charge applied. For a two-day turnaround, the priority charge will be 30 percent of the total amount your usual charges. For next day turnaround, the priority charge will be 50 percent. Same-day priority charges for jobs that are ready to print are 100 percent. Same-day priority jobs do not get proofs and must be submitted by 9 a.m. for 5 p.m. completion.


  • Ready to Print Poster: Posters that are ready to be printed (no layout or design changes), can usually be turned around in three business days. During this time, you will be able to proof your poster for any corrections.

  • Posters Needing Design Work: If we are designing your poster, the turnaround is usually between five and seven days. During this time, you will be able to proof your poster for any corrections.

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