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Please note: this form is for ordering UC business cards only. If you need to order UC Health business cards, you should contact Bill Nienaber at 558-3264 or

IMPORTANT NOTE: this is an automated system, and no one will review your proof before the cards are printed. If the information you need printed on your UC business card does not fit well in the on-line templates, PLEASE DO NOT CLICK THE SUBMIT BUTTON! What you see is what will print. Instead, please email your information to, and you will receive a reply with a PDF proof of your card. Once you've approved the layout, she will submit the card to print. 

Official UC Business Card Formats
Click one of the sample cards at bottom to order UC Main or UC Medical Business Cards.
UC business cards will be printed in black and PMS 186 red with a choice of flat or raised printing

Raised Printing
One-sided cards: 500 = $35.88   1000 = $40.23  
Two-sided cards: 500 = $55.45   1000 = $66.32 

Flat Printing
One-sided cards: 500 = $35.88   1000 = $40.23  
Two-sided cards: 500 = $55.45   1000 = $66.32 

  • In keeping with the new branding for the University, which is an effort to establish a more unified identity for the University Community, the new format shown below is the only format available. Special formats (such as UC Public Safety) can not be ordered online.
  • When entering your information that will appear on your card please try to adhere to the formatting as shown on the samples:
    PO Box - not P.O. Box, (513) 556-1234 not 513-556-1234, OH not Ohio, etc.
  • Also, when entering your data, the lines: "PO Box ..." & "Cincinnati, OH 452..." must be entered in their entirety. They are not automatically completed by the system. Be sure and select a description from the drop-down menus for the phone and web/email lines.
  • Please review your on-line proof carefully. This will show you EXACTLY what will be printed on your card.
  • A hard-copy proof will not be provided for on-line orders.
  • If the information is correct please press the "Submit" button only once.
    If not, press the edit button and make revisions. >
  • If your order has been successfully submitted you will arrive at a "Thank You" screen.
    If for some reason you do not see this screen, you must re-submit your order.

  • Off-campus and/or those locations that are not served by UC Mail Services (mail locations) may incur a delivery charge.

UC Main Business Card  Formats

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UC Medical Card formats

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