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Shuk-Mei Ho, PhD, chair of UC's environmental health department and director of the Cincinnati Cancer Center.  
Shuk-Mei Ho, PhD
Specialty: Environmental Health
Sub-Specialty: Hormonal Carcinogenesis
Department: Environmental Health
Title: Jacob G. Schmidlapp Professor and Chair
Phone: 513-558-5701
Home Page:


BS (Biological Sciences): University of Hong Kong, 1974
PhD (Zoology): University of Hong Kong, 1978


Mechanisms of fetal-based adult disease development, cadmium-induced disorders, and oxidative stress/inflammation-mediated cellular changes

Hormonal carcinogenesis studies

Current Research:

Mechanisms of fetal-based adult disease development, cadmium-induced disorders and oxidative stress/inflammation-mediated cellular changes

Recent Awards/Honors:

Chair, National Toxicology Program High Throughput Screening Development Workshop

President, Society of Basic Urological Research, 2005 

Selected Publications:

Dr. Ho has published more than 156 scientific articles in peer-reviewed journals. Some of her recent publications include:

Perera, F, Tang, W-Y., Herbstman, J.B., Tang, D.T., Levin, L., Miller, R.L.and Ho, S-M. (2009) Relation of DNA methylaton status of a 5-CpG island of ACSL3 to transplacental exposure to airborne polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons and childhood asthma. PLoS ONE . 4(2):e4488. Epub 2009 Feb 16.


Zhang, X., Leav, I., Revelo, M.P., Deka, R., Medvedovic, M., Jiang, Z., Ho, S-M. (2009) Deletion Hotspots in AMACR Promoter CpG Island are Cis-Regulatory Elements Controlling the Gene Expression in the Colon. PLoS Genetics Jan;5(1):e1000334.


Ouyang, B., Bracken, B., Burke, B., Chung, E., Liang, J., Ho, S-M. (2009) A duplex qRCR assay based on quantification of -methylacyl-CoA racemase transcripts and prostate cancer antigen 3 in urine sediments  improved diagnostic accuracy for prostate cancer. J Urol . Jun;181(6):2508-13; discussion 2513-4. Epub 2009 Apr 16.


Crain, D.A., Janssen, S.J., Edwards, T.M., Heindel, J., Ho, S-M., Hunt, P., Iguchi, T., Juul, A., McLachlan, J.A., Schwartz, J., Skakkebaek, N., Soto, A.M., Swan, S., Walker, C., Woodruff, T.K., Woodruff, T.J., Giudice, L.C., Guillette, L.J. Jr. (2008) Female reproductive disorders: the roles of endocrine-disrupting compounds and developmental timing. Fertil Steril. 90:911-940.


Tang W-Y., Newbold R., Mardilovich K., Jefferson W., Cheng R.Y.S., Medvedovic M.,Ho S-M (2008) Persistent hypomethylation in the promoter of nucleosomal binding protein 1 (Nsbp1) correlates with overexpression of Nsbp1 in mouse uteri neonatally exposed to diethylstilbestrol or genistein. Endocrinology Dec;149(12):5922-31. Epub 2008 Jul 31.


Bakshi S., Zhang X., Godoy-Tundidor S., Cheng R.Y.S., Sartor M.A., Medvedovic M., and Ho S-M. (2008) Transcriptome analyses in normal prostate epithelial cells exposed to low-dose cadmium: Oncogenic and immunomodulations involving the action of tumor necrosis factor. Environ. Health Perspect 116: 769-776.


Lam Y.W., Tam N.N.C., Evans J., Green K., Zhang X., and Ho S-M. (2008) Differential proteomics in the aging Noble rat ventral prostate. Proteomics  8:2750-2763.

Tam N.N.C., Szeto C.Y., Sartor M., Medvedovic M., Ho S-M. (2008)
Gene expression profiling identifies lobe-specific and common disruptions of multiple gene networks in testosterone-supported, 17b-estradiol- or diethylstilbestrol-induced prostate dysplasia in Noble rats. Neoplasia 10:20-40.



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keywords: hormonal carcinogenesis, prostate cancer, ovarian cancer, endometrium cancer, breast cancer, endocrine disruptors, Shuk-Mei Ho, genomic, epigenomic, proteomic, and bioinformatic analyses, systems biology