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Tiina Reponen, PhD, is a professor of environmental health in UC's division of occupational health and hygeine.  
Tiina Reponen, PhD
Specialty: Environmental Health
Sub-Specialty: Environmental and Occupational Hygiene (Mold/Bioaerosols)
Department: Environmental Health
Title: Professor of Environmental Health
Phone: (513) 558-0571
Home Page:


MS (Environmental Hygeine): University of Kuopio, 1985
PhD (Environmental Sciences): University of Kuopio, 1994


Exposure assessment of bioaerosols in indoor and industrial environments, including physical and microbiological characterization of airborne actinomycete and fungal spores, the dispersion of bioaerosols under natural and laboratory conditions, and the control of airborne microorganisms by filtration.

Current Research:

Cincinnati Childhood Allergy and Air Pollution study (CCAAPS)

Mold exposure and development of childrenfs atopy and asthma

Respiratory protection against bioaerosols

Selected Publications:

Cho, S.-H., Reponen, T., LeMasters, G., Levin, L., Huang, J., Meklin, T., Villareal, M.,
Bernstein, D.I. (2006) Mold damage in homes and wheezing in infants. Annals of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology 97:539-545.

Osborne, M., Reponen, T., Adhikari, A., Cho, S.-H., Grinshpun, S.A., Levin, L., Bernstein, D.I., LeMasters, G. (2006) Specific fungal exposures, allergic sensitization, and rhinitis in infants. Pediatric Allergy & Immunology 17:450-457, 2006.

Chew, G.L., Wilson, J., Rabito, F.A., Grimsley, F., Iqbal, S., Reponen, T., Muilenberg,
M.L., Thorne, P.S., Dearborn, D.G., Morley, R.L. (2006) Mold and endotoxin levels in the
aftermath of hurricane Katrina: a pilot project of homes in New Orleans undergoing
renovation. Environmental Health Perspectives 114:1883-1889.

Iossifova, Y., Reponen, T., Bernstein, D., Levin, L., Zeigler, H., Kalra, H. Campo, P.,
Villareal, M., Lockey, J., Khurana Hershey, G.K., LeMasters, G. (2007) House dust (1-3) b-d-glucan and wheezing in infants. Allergy 62:504-513.

Reponen, T., Seo, S.-C., Grimsley, F., Lee, T., Crawford, C., Grinshpun, S.A. (2007)
Fungal fragments in moldy houses: a field study in homes in New Orleans and Southern Ohio. Atmospheric Environment 41: 8140-8149.

Seo, S.-C., Reponen, T., Levin, L., Borchelt, T., Grinshpun, S.A. (2008) Aerosolization of particulate (1¨3)-ƒĀ-D-glucan from moldy materials. Applied and Environmental
Microbiology 74:585-593.

Lee, S.-A., Grinshpun, S.A., Reponen, T. (2008) Respiratory performance offered by
N95 filtering facepiece respirators and surgical masks: human-subject evaluation with
NaCl aerosol representing bacterial and viral particle size range. Annals of Occupational Hygiene 52:177-185.


To set up a media interview, please contact Amanda Harper at 513-558-4657 during normal business hours (M-F, 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.). After hours, call (513) 558-4553 to be directed to the on-call public information officer.

keywords: airborne microorganisms, mold, fungus, bioaerosols, airborne actinomycete and fungal spores, fungal spores, environmental hygiene