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The following list contains news articles about the UC Academic Health Center, published by a variety of print, broadcast and electronic media outlets. Please click on the title to view the entire story (you will be redirected to that media outletís website).

For more information on any story,
please contact UC Academic Health Center public relations by emailing or calling 513-558-4553 during normal business hours (8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday to Friday).


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Adler Honored as Exemplary Psychiatrist
The Cincinnati Enquirer
The National Alliance on Mental Illness of Southwest Ohio has honored eight people for their work in mental health care.  >> Associated expert: Cal Adler, MD

UC Health Offers LINX Treatment for GERD
WKRC-TV, Channel 12
An elementary school teacher says her life was changed forever thanks to a breakthrough treatment for a common problem many people experience after eating, heartburn.

UC Seeks 'Transformative' Designation as Cancer-Fighting Center
The University of Cincinnati's continuing effort to become a National Cancer Institute-designated Cancer Center is kicking into high gear with the rollout of a $100 million fundraising campaign.

A Warning on Meat Sends Ripples Through Porkopolis
The Cincinnati Enquirer
Cincinnati might need a new nickname. The title Porkopolis might not be so appealing now that the World Health Organization has concluded that hot dogs, ham and other processed meats can cause colorectal cancer.  >> Associated expert: Rekha Chaudhary, MD

UC Medical School Class 51 Percent Female
WKRC-TV, Channel 12
For the first time, the first-year class of medical students at the University of Cincinnati has more women than men.

Everyone Lies on Social Media
WCPO-TV, Channel 9
Research says we post pictures on social media and extend the truth. Is that a bad thing?  >> Associated expert: Cal Adler, MD

Can Your Dog Hear You?
The Mirror
A presentation on the use of audiology on dogs explored the hearing of dogs and deafness.  >> Associated expert: Pete Scheifele, PhD

Partnership Helps Cincinnati State Nursing Students Transition to UC
Thanks to an expanded partnership between Cincinnati State Technical and Community College and the University of Cincinnati that took effect this fall, Cincinnati State students graduating with an associate degree in nursing who achieve a grade point average of 2.5 or higher can apply for and expect entry into UCís online RN to BSN (registered nurse to bachelor of science in nursing) program.

UC Team Helps Patient Breathe Again
WKRC-TV, Channel 12
A special education teacher was back in the classroom again thanks to a team at the University of Cincinnati.

Energy Drinks Linked to Traumatic Brain Injury in Teens
New York Daily News
Energy drinks could be a real monster to the health of teenagers, according to a new study.  >> Associated expert: Mario Zuccarello, MD

Assistant Professor Recognized for Serving Hispanic Community
The News Record
After being recognized for her commitment to serving Cincinnatiís Hispanic population, University of Cincinnati assistant professor Ligia Gůmez looks to continue serving the growing community.

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