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The following list contains news articles about the UC Academic Health Center, published by a variety of print, broadcast and electronic media outlets. Please click on the title to view the entire story (you will be redirected to that media outlet’s website).

For more information on any story,
please contact UC Academic Health Center public relations by emailing or calling 513-558-4553 during normal business hours (8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday to Friday).


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New UC Health primary Care Centers Opening Soon
The Cincinnati Enquirer
UC Health plans to open six primary and specialty care practices this year and already tabbed one to be developed in 2015.

UC Studies Epileptic Moms-to-Be
The Cincinnati Enquirer
Better understanding the risks that some epileptic women and their children face is the goal of a major, decade-long national study now underway at 20 medical centers, including the University of Cincinnati.

Ulcer-Forming Bacteria Target Tiny Traumas
The Scientist
Researchers at the University of Cincinnati have described the earliest events in Helicobacter pylori pathogenesis reported in vivo.

Could Early Exposure to Lead Cause Osteoporosis and Falls?
WVXU, 91.7 FM
Researchers at UC's College of Medicine have landed a $2.35 million grant to study lead exposure in African-American women.  >> Associated experts: Kim Dietrich, PhD; Amit Bhattacharya, PhD, CPE

Dr. John Tew Tapped for Executive Role at UC and UC Health
Cincinnati Business Courier
Dr. John Tew, a longtime professor of neurosurgery at the University of Cincinnati College of Medicine, has been named executive director of community affairs at the college and vice president of community affairs at UC Health.  >> Associated expert: John Tew, MD

Hazmat Spills on the Rise in Ohio
The Cincinnati Enquirer
Ohio leads the country in hazardous material transportation accidents, according to a four-month Cincinnati Enquirer investigation. Indiana and Kentucky also are in the top 12 states for hazmat spills.

What It Means to Be a Good Father
WVXU, 91.7 FM
Panelists discuss the changing role of fathers and programs to teach young men how to be good fathers.

New Hope in Reversing Type 1 Diabetes
The Cincinnati Enquirer
University of Cincinnati researchers have found a way to reverse new-onset Type 1 diabetes in mice, a development that may advance combating the illness in humans.

Army's Top Enlisted Officer Calls Cincinnati a Top Spot for Improving Military Medicine
Sgt. Maj. Raymond Chandler III, who serves as the Army chief of staff’s personal advisor on all enlisted-related matters, met with military and civilian doctors at University of Cincinnati Medical Center as part of a day-long trip to celebrate the Army’s 239th birthday.  >> Associated expert: Jay Johannigman, MD

Short 'Birth Spacing' Linked to Preterm Delivery
HealthDay News
Women who wait less than 18 months after having a child to get pregnant again are more likely to have a shorter pregnancy and a preterm birth, according to a new U.S. study.  >> Associated expert: Emily DeFranco, DO

UC Student's Hunch Saves Her From Heart Disease Weeks Before Her Wedding
WCPO-TV, Channel 9
A University of Cincinnati student's mindfulness may be the reason she's alive, just weeks before she planned to walk down the aisle.

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