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The following list contains news articles about the UC Academic Health Center, published by a variety of print, broadcast and electronic media outlets. Please click on the title to view the entire story (you will be redirected to that media outlet’s website).

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Kroger to offer OD drug without prescription
Cincinnati Enquirer
Article includes comments from Shawn Ryan, MD, UC Department of Emergency Medicine
The Kroger Co. Cincinnati/Dayton division announced Friday that it will make the opioid overdose reversal medicine naloxone available without a prescription at its 84 pharmacies in Ohio and 16 pharmacies in Northern Kentucky beginning Monday.

The Number of Dads Choosing to Stay Home with Their Kids is on the Rise
On Cincinnati Edition, Gary Dick, PhD, professor in the School of Social Work, College of Allied Health Sciences, discusses the challenges of stay-at-home dads. 

When people think about a parent staying home to raise children in lieu of building a career, they may tend to think about the mother; but what about stay-at-home dads? According to Pew Research Center, the number of fathers choosing to stay home to care for their kids is on the rise. 

Local Nursing Students Lend Helping Hand at Soup Kitchen
WKRC Local 12

How Cincinnati Shapes Up on Life Expectancy
Cincinnati Enquirer

Medical Edge Reports: Mimosas for Memories
WKRC Local 12

'It's Affected Everybody': Flint Children on the Frontline of the Water Crisis
The Guardian UK
 >> Associated expert: Kim Dietrich, PhD

Flint's Lead-Tainted Water May Not Cause Permanent Brain Damage
Scientific American
 >> Associated expert: Kim Dietrich, PhD

Cincinnati's 1st Heart Transplant Since 2008
Cincinnati Enquirer
A road construction worker from Hillsboro is the first patient to receive a new heart in Cincinnati since 2008 under the restarted transplant program at UC Health.

The Benefits of Integrative Medicine - Treating the Whole Person
91.7 WVXU
As Americans become more health-conscious, more physicians and patients are opening up to a whole-person approach of preventative and curative treatments.  Executive Director of the Center for Integrative Health and Wellness Dr. Sian Cotton; Dr. Mehran Attari, and  Dr. John Sacco of the UC College of Medicine are guests.

Fluency Friday Helps Stop the Stutter
WKRC Local 12

Fluency Friday, a one-day workshop for children and teens who stutter was held at the Centennial Barn near the Drake Center in Cincinnati, with 46 children and teens attending this year’s event, "Be Calm and Talk On.” 

UC Researchers Learning About Breast Cancer Causes
WKRC/ Local12
If you or someone you love has been diagnosed with breast cancer, a special event  on March 5 might help you learn more about the causes.

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