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University of Cincinnati Academic Health Center
Publish Date: 04/20/99
Media Contact: AHC Public Relations, (513) 558-4553
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Six Nurses Honored With Florence Nightingale Excellence in Nursing Awards

CincinnatióSix area nurses who epitomize the best qualities in personal patient care were selected as the recipients of the seventh annual Florence Nightingale Excellence in Nursing Awards, given by the University of Cincinnati (UC) College of Nursing and its Board of Advisors. The awards and $1,000 each will be presented to the winners in front of a crowd of 800 people attending a dinner on April 21 at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in downtown Cincinnati. The reception begins at 6:00 p.m. The dinner is at 7:00 p.m., and the awards program begins during dinner. Each of the twelve finalists will receive an award and $200. Keynote speaker and master of ceremonies Laura Pulfer will present the awards. Pulfer is a columnist for "The Cincinnati Enquirer."

The six winners are: Judy DiMuzio, RN, MSN, CDE, registered nurse and diabetes educator for Diabetes and Endocrinology Associates; Clarissa Rentz, RN, MSN, a clinical specialist at the Cincinnati chapter of the Alzheimer's Association; Theo Nodler, RN, a registered nurse in the Emergency Department at St. Elizabeth Medical Center; Barbara Johnson, RN, a registered nurse on a medical/pulmonary/oncology floor at Good Samaritan Hospital; Ginny Laskovics, RN, a registered nurse at Sycamore Junior High School; and Sister Rose Zuber, RN, SNDN, a registered nurse and Sister of Notre Dame de Namur for the past 50 years.

In all, a total of 198 nurses were nominated. Nearly 400 nominations were received this year with many nurses receiving multiple nominations. Andrea Lindell, DNSc, dean of the UC College of Nursing, says "Through these awards, the Cincinnati community has shown how much they value the special care they received from a nurse who exemplifies the Nightingale spirit." Sponsors for the 1999 Nightingale Awards are: Cincinnati Bell, Hayfields Foundation, the Health Alliance, Hill Rom, Hoechst Marion Roussel, Mercy Health Partners, Omicare, Inc., Procter and Gamble, and TriHealth.

Brief descriptions of the six winners of the 1999 Florence Nightingale Awards for Nursing Excellence follow.

Judy DiMuzio, RN, MSN, CDE
Omnicare, Inc. Award

For the patients of Judy DiMuzio, RN, MSN, CDE, her ability to communicate effectively with a truly caring attitude has made not only the difference in their quality of life, but in some cases, she has saved lives. As diabetes educator for Diabetes and Endocrinology Associates, DiMuzio’s main responsibility is to help her patients understand and implement their diabetes treatments from diet control to insulin usage. Her patients and colleagues alike agree that she is conscientious, available, and willing to help a patient or family who is in need of information or advice.

Clarissa Rentz, RN, MSN
Mercy Health Partners Award

Clarissa Rentz has impacted many families who have been confronted with the devastating news that a loved one has been diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease. As a clinical specialist on staff at the Cincinnati chapter of the Alzheimer's Association, Rentz counsels and educates dementia sufferers and their families. She has been characterized as professional and knowledgeable, and she upholds the highest standards of confidentiality. One nominator described her as embodying "the mix of professional, scholar, community activist, and compassionate caregiver that is the best of nursing."

Theo Nodler, RN
Hoechst Marion Roussel Award

The residents of Northern Kentucky are lucky to have a committed nurse like Theo Nodler in the Emergency Department at St. Elizabeth Medical Center. With more than 25 years of clinical experience in emergency, critical care, surgical, and neurologic nursing, Nodler is not only the voice of experience in the ED, but she is a role model for her fellow nurse colleagues. Having recently become certified in Stroke Assessment, she is a valued member of the Stroke Team of Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky. Her keen evaluation skills and ability to work closely with patient, family, and doctor have helped her save lives and ensure that the best possible care is delivered to every patient.

Barbara Johnson, RN
Hill Rom Award

As a nurse on a busy medical/pulmonary/oncology floor at Good Samaritan Hospital, Barbara Johnson frequently deals with seriously ill and dying patients. She is an exceptional example of the kind of inspiration that a pleasant smile and encouraging words bring to patients who are in need of a helping hand. Her perceptive manner helps her anticipate the needs of patients and suggest therapies such as healing touch before even the patient knows what he or she needs. Her responsibilities are focused on, but do not stop with, the bedside. She is involved in many hospital committees and community initiatives and frequently acts as a mentor for her fellow nurses.

Ginny Geary Laskovics, RN
Health Alliance Award

The perception of a school nurse who cares for runny noses and dispenses medication quickly melts away when you hear about Ginny Laskovics. Her professionalism, expertise, and caring allow her to deal frequently with serious injury at Sycamore Junior High School. This past fall, when Laskovics was faced with a life-threatening situation, she sprung into action to save a child. Besides her ability to care for the physical health of her students, she is also involved in several initiatives to care for the mental and psychological well-being of the adolescents at Sycamore. As a mentor and founder of the school's peer mediation program, she daily goes above and beyond the call of her daily duties.

Sister Rose Zuber, RN, SNDN
TriHealth Award

Humility exemplifies the person of Sister Rose Zuber. A nurse and Sister of Notre Dame de Namur, she has treated and ministered to her fellow sisters for the past 50 years. Many sisters wrote to nominate Sister Zuber for her excellent service to the aging, ill, and dying in her order. Nearly all remarked that she did so without concern for personal gain or recognition. If she was called upon in the middle of the night, Sister Zuber came to the aid of her patient. Throughout her career, she has maintained her clinical skills while at the same time ensuring the spiritual well-being of her patients.

1999 Nightingale Award Finalists

  • Stephen J. Boback, RN
    Staff Nurse, The Alois Alzheimer Center
  • Molly Cassady, RN
    Psychiatric Nurse, Central Psychiatric Clinic
  • Denise Gill-Roflow, RN
    Family Nurse Practicioner, City of Cincinnati Health Department
  • Mary Haygood, RN
    CVC Resource Nurse, Children's Hospital Medical Center
  • Susan Heltman, RN
    Staff Nurse, OICU, The Jewish Hospital
  • Linda Hutson, RN
    Director, SANE, The University Hospital
  • Glenna Jane Kingsley, RN
    Charge Nurse, Bethesda Oak Hospital
  • Diane Luebbe, RN
    Staff Nurse, Emmanuel Unit, Franciscan Western Hills
  • Robin Valentine, RN
    School Nurse, Breyer School
  • Debbie Vickers, RN
    Team Leader, Specialized Services, Mercy Hospital Clermont
  • Fredrica Young, RN
    Staff Nurse, 14CD, Good Samaritan Hospital
  • Sheree Young, RN
    Perinatal Grief Counselor, Middletown Regional Hospital


1999 Nightingale Awards Benefactors
Delta Airlines
IBM Corporation
Ohio National
Provident Bank

Mr. and Mrs. Russell L. Ahlbrand
Dr. and Mrs. Harold Cassady
Chemed Foundation
Cooper Research
Drake Center
Dr. and Mrs. Richard B. Fleming
Hill Rom
Northlich Stolley LaWarre
Robert Baird Company
Roto Rooter, Inc.
Union Central Life Insurance Company
Mr. Eric B. Yeiser

Alzheimer's Association
Mr. and Mrs. Philip G. Barach
The Jewish Hospital
Mercy Health Partners
Mrs. Janet Block Rosen
St. Elizabeth Medical Center
Mrs. Judy Walsh

1999 Nightingale Awards Nominees

Mimoona Adem
Carol Agler
Ellen Alexander
Karen Alleman
Elsie Anaple
Michelle Anderson
Michelle Bain-Allen
Jackie Bechtol
Ali Bijelic
Cheryl Blackburn
Stephen J. Boback
Teresa Borders
Donna Bostick
Nanetta Bradley
Sig Brown
Teresa Brown
Lori Brunk
Theresa Bullock
Karen Burke
Molly Cassady
Tammy Cassidy
Kathleen Clark
Benny Coffey
Margo Cooper
Carolyn Coray
Kim Cordes
Mary Ann Daumeyer
Jane Davis
Marian Davis
Sandra Davis
Linda Day
Donna Deimling
Jacqueline Dengler
Elizabeth Denham
Pattie Dennler
Judy DiMuzio
Linda Ditullio
Kay Dorning
Lois Ann Doyle
Eileen Du Puy
Judy Eckert
Lisa Edwards
Sadie Elam
Julie Elfers
Rhonda Engel
Christine Farrell
Cheryl Floyd
Rose Marie Forbeck
Lanny Foster-Smith
Neil Frankl
Linda Friedrich
Barbara Gannon
Melissa Gaunce
Denise Gill-Roflow
Rosalie Glassmeyer
Robert Good
Suzanne Gorman
Jody Grasser
Carolyn Gray
Elana Grubbs
Brooke Gumm
Ann Halverstadt
Mary Marie Haught
Betty Hawk
Mary Hawk
Mary Haygood
Susan Heltman
Sharon Hennekes
Betty Herbst
Max Herrle
Flora Higgins
Cindy Hinkle
Beverly Hitt
Beatty Hodavonick
Therese Holden
Penny Huff
Linda Hutson
Penny Jaccod
Judy Janka
Barbara Johnson
Patty Johnson
Sandra Johnson
Sue Johnson
Angela Jump
Sally Kaiser
Susan Keefe
John Keegan
Bob Kelley
Jean Kiefer
Donna King
Glenna Jane Kingsley
Jane Kingsley
Rene Kay Kirby
Elissa Klems
Ann John Kotch

Becky Kramer-Cutshall
Lana Krohman
Doris Kurtz
Ginny Geary Laskovics
Deborah Lebretton
Kathy Lieland
Lisa Longshore
Pamela Lorance
Maureen Lorenz
Sandra Lovejoy
Diane Luebbe
Rita Lule
Shelly Luther
Diane Mahaffey
Christine Marsh
Shauna Mayhaus
Chery McCain
Vicky McDonald
Sharon McKenzie
Georgeanne Meale
Janice Miller
Karen Minsterman
Sonia Mohaupt
Lisa Moles
Annette Moore
Sherry Muck
Michelle Neat
Judy Neff
Kathy Niccum
Sue Nickoson
Theo Nodler
Darla O’Callaghan
Debbie Overly
Pam Palazzolo
Tina Peterson
Lequita Pierce
Linda Polman
Barbara Proffitt
Patricia Proud
Lee Redkey
Judith Reed
Judy Reitenbach
Issie Rembert Chapman
Clarissa Rentz
Laurie Rheaume
Kathy Rice
Charlotte Riley
Alana Roush
Mary Ann Sampson
Rita Sauer
Judy Schofield
Kay Schroeder
Shannon Schuster
Sarah Smiley
Christine E. Smith
Gina Smith
Phyllis Smith
Debbie Soldano
Tina Steele
Jan Stefanopoulas
Joan Steiner
Shana Stewart
Mary Stuber
Tracey Suder
Geraldine Sweeney
Kimberley Sweney
Chris Taylor
Laura Tewes
Mary Jo Theis
Lois Thompson
Nan Tobias
Colleen Tuchfarber
Robin Valentine
Judi Van Horn
Connie Vandermark
Sheila Vaught
Debbi Vickers
Shelley Walchle
Nancy Ware
Mary Ellen Watts
Sandra Wetzel
Mardee White
Elinor Willet
Edna Wilson
Elizabeth Wilson
Barbara Woffard
Elena Wolf
Frances Wood
Lee Corbin Wulf
Nita Yaw
Linda Yelton
Fredricka Young
Ricki Young
Sheree Young
Rose Zuber

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