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College of Nursing Professor Wins 2012 Faculty Award

College of Nursing Professor Wins 2012 Faculty Award
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Publish Date: 05/17/12
Media Contact: Angela Koenig, 513-558-4625
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2012 Exemplary Contributions in Service Award: Adrianne Lane, EdD

"Where does the time go?” It’s not a question that anyone who knows UC College of Nursing Professor Adrianne J. Lane, EdD, would have difficulty answering. "One might truly wonder whether she has managed to clone herself,” a colleague says of Lane receiving the 2012 Faculty Award for Exemplary Contributions in Service to the University of Cincinnati. But there is only one Lane, and the honor is hers and hers alone. 

One of the most active faculty members at UC, Lane stretches far and wide with her outreach: She is the executive director of undergraduate education at the College of Nursing, where she also teaches master’s courses in nurse education and health policy, serves on the UC Faculty Senate Cabinet and represents the Senate on numerous university committees including the Academic Coordinating Committee and the Semester Conversion Steering Committee. 

"There is so much value in being involved at the university level because it allows one to take the knowledge back to your college,” Lane says, explaining how her involvement on committees during the initial and final processes during UC’s semester conversion allowed her the opportunity to help guide the College of Nursing through the conversion process with a proactive approach. By doing so, her college was among the first at UC to have its semester programs and courses approved. 
As one nominator states: "Adrianne Lane is regarded by many as a 'go to' person when faculty input and expertise is sought on new initiatives or in university decision making … the respect that faculty and administrators alike have for Professor Lane is well evidenced by the trust shown in asking her to represent the faculty on so many important committees.” 

Additional examples of her university service include involvement in the Academic Master Plan Faculty Advisory Committee, the University General Education Re-Visioning Committee and the University Faculty Grievance Committee. Lane has served as chair of the Faculty Senate Information Technology Committee and currently chairs the Faculty Senate Academic Affairs Committee. Recently, she also served as chair of the university-wide Task Force for Academic Integrity of the 21st Century.
It’s a dedication to "the big picture” that Lane brought with her to the university when she came on board in 1992 and began taking on more and more leadership roles at the College of Nursing, including: chair of Retention, Promotion, and Tenure Committee and chair of Faculty Assembly, as well as membership on numerous standing committees and task forces at the College of Nursing. Her interests lie with information technology and faculty practice.
The "Energizer Bunny” can’t compete with Lane. In addition to a calendar chock-full of classes to teach and committee and task force meetings, she continues to have a direct impact on patient care while at the same time personifying a "home is where the heart is” approach to health care…

During her childhood Lane had the opportunity to live in numerous small towns throughout southeastern Indiana and ultimately returned to the area to reside as an adult. Because of her deep connection to rural Indiana, in 2004 she co-founded and became the director of the Trinity Health Clinic, a nurse-managed clinic that serves both uninsured and underinsured adults. Trinity Health Clinic is collaboration among the UC College of Nursing, Trinity Episcopal Church and the Southeastern Indiana Cancer Health Network. The clinic operates solely on donations with an all-volunteer staff. Lane is also the co-founder of the Southeastern Indiana Cancer Health Network, Inc., a not-for-profit organization with a mission to provide cancer education and screening to underserved adults. Additionally, she continues to keep her clinical skills honed by volunteering her registered nursing services to both organizations on a regular basis.  

Add to Lane’s schedule the time to conduct research and write numerous published academic works in her nearly 20 years at UC, and you just might think really is able to be in two places at once! 

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