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University of Cincinnati Academic Health Center
Publish Date: 08/05/13
Media Contact: AHC Public Relations, (513) 558-4553
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Outside Activity Reporting Due Sept. 6

UC employees of the College of Medicine must complete an annual report of collateral employment, conflicts of commitment, and conflicts of interest by no later than Friday, Sept. 6, with the exception of all externally-funded investigators who must complete their report by Tuesday, Sept. 10, to comply with federal deadlines.

To complete the Outside Activity Report (OAR), follow this link (requires your Central Login username and password): 
The OAR form has been revised this year to comply with requirements for federally-funded research and in response to feedback on how to make the form easier to understand and complete. 
Frequently Asked Questions
Who must report? 
All employees – faculty and staff – with a full-time equivalency (FTE) of 50 percent or more must complete the OAR. Faculty and staff at less than 50 percent FTE may also be required to complete an OAR at the discretion of the administrative unit head. Please note that an individual may have appointments in multiple units, thus bringing their FTE to 50 percent or more.
Why must I complete this report?
Like all public institutions, UC is accountable to the public and faces ongoing scrutiny of its adherence to professional, legal, and ethical standards. The OAR helps the university meet its obligations to comply with Ohio and federal mandates.
What activities must I report?
In general, you must report any activity outside of the scope of your normal UC duties – even duties performed at UC and unpaid activities. For full guidelines see the OAR website.
Does the university oppose outside activity?
No. The university supports faculty and staff engaging in outside professional activities and community service. Employees may do so, provided the university obtains sufficient information to meet its legal and ethical obligations and provided those outside activities do not present an unmanageable conflict with  university duties. 
UC Board Rule 3361:30-21-02 requires prior approval for all collateral employment. Within the College of Medicine, staff must obtain prior approval from their supervisor and faculty must obtain prior approval from their department Chair. Final approval for all collateral employment is given by the Dean.  
What are the reporting and approval deadlines?
  • Sept. 6 – Deadline for submission of OAR by employees
  • Sept. 10 – Deadline for submission of OAR by employees who are externally-funded investigators
  • Complete a new OAR whenever your activities change significantly between annual reports.
What if I don’t complete the OAR?
Failure to meet OAR deadlines may result in disciplinary action. Moreover, individuals who do not complete an OAR do not have the required permission to engage in any outside employment under applicable university rules. Other possible consequences include the inability to submit proposals for sponsored research until the form is completed.
What if I don’t report outside activities?
Failing to report or to truthfully report outside activities may result in disciplinary action.
To assist with the review of annual disclosures, Holly Bante, PhD in the Office of Research, may be contacting you for additional information regarding your outside activities as they pertain to ongoing research projects. She provides review, management, and reporting of conflicts of interest in research to ensure compliance with federal regulations and institutional policies and rules.
If you do not have computer access at your home or workstation, ask your supervisor for access.
For questions, email  or

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