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Director Communication Services

Director Communication Services
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Publish Date: 02/13/14
Media Contact: Angela Koenig, 513-558-4625
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Focus On Staff With John Wesseling

As director of communications services for the Academic Health Center’s public relations and communications office, John Wesseling has the job of overseeing four UC campus service locations. But it’s also his job to spread the word (with no advertising allowed) that most anything a commercial company can print or reproduce can also be purchased right here in the heart of the medical campus.

How can both the general public and UC departments/employees utilize a campus service?

We are basically a business within the university: art & design, photography and video services based out of the Academic Health Center as well as duplicating services and offset printing service. We receive no general funds and we must recharge the costs of all our services, including salaries, equipment and supplies ... right down to the paper clips. A cost recovery center is just what it says; there is no profit involved. We recover only our costs. Being a cost recovery center ensures that we are almost always less expensive with our services than any outside competition. Also, your project is our project, because we are all UC.

We have a staff of 18.4 FTE who are incredibly dedicated and will go the extra mile, even evenings and weekends (but don’t tell them I told you) to make sure your project is done and done right. You don’t get that with outside services! I am very proud of the Communications Services staff!

What services does Communications Services offer?

Our designers can create any type of print piece you would like, including brochures, postcards, even variable data mailers, etc. We can then print, fold, bind and mail that piece using one of our digital presses in duplicating service or at our four-color offset press shop as well as our post-production finishing equipment. Obviously we’ll produce any piece, whether we’ve designed it or not. We also provide copier/printers throughout the university and beyond. We have almost 300 units in our copier/printer fleet.

Our photographers can shoot anything you need, from event photography and buildings to portraits or environmentals, even diagnostic or surgical photography. Our wide-format printing area not only produces scientific posters and outdoor banners, but we are also constantly finding new material for other products like roll-up banners, removable wall stickers (Fatheads(R)), temporary and permanent floor banners and really popular outdoor removable sidewalk banners call "street-wrap.”

Our latest new services will be T-shirt/fabric printing with an inkjet-based technology. Because there are no screens to cut, you no longer have to print dozens of T-shirts to get a price break. The cost of printing one T-shirt is not much more than if you were printing many. This is very exciting to me!

Where are your locations?

We have four service center locations: G-44 HPB, 6351 MSB, 007 McMicken (or as we call it, "the James Bond suite”) and our newest location in the Fishwick Drive warehouse where our four-color Heidelberg offset print shop was moved this past December.

How long have you been at UC? 

My first day at UC was April 7, 1975 (I started when I was 10!). I was hired by IvaDean Lair as a file clerk for the College of Medicine’s admissions program. She said that the woman I was to work with had a hard time working with other women … they kept leaving. So IvaDean said she’d try a man in that position to see if a guy would last. The next thing I knew 38 years had passed and I have a wife, two sons, three mortgages, four granddaughters and I’m still here, driving to work at UC every day (so I guess it worked!). The Medical Sciences Building was just one year old when I started, and now it’s being rehabbed. I hope that doesn’t say anything about me!

We hear that you are an accomplished actor as well. Tell us about your love of the theater.

Yes, I am a thespian! I have been involved in community theater for about 35 years (after I gave up playing rock and roll after 10 years), and because of my background in management, I’ve been drafted into many more volunteer administrative roles than I (or my wife) like. My wife (Geri Hinkle Wesseling, business manager for the departments of English and journalism) calls me a "professional meeting-goer.” I have to admit she is correct.

I am currently:
The president of the Sunset Players, Inc.
The president of the Association of Community Theater of Greater Cincinnati (ACT, Inc.).
Operations task force chair of the Arts Center at Dunham (ACAD).
The president of the Dunham Recreation Center Advisory Board.
The vice president of the Rapid Run Park Advisory Council.
Member of the Price Hill Will Arts Community Action team.
Member of the  Board of Trustees for my national professional organization, the Association of College and University Printers (ACUP).
(I am also chairman of the ACUP Constitution and Bylaws committee).

Twelve years ago I founded (and still manage daily) the almost 1,400-member listserv for theater in the Greater Cincinnati area (
We also have three houses to maintain (her two-family and my two-family, and our one-family), two grown sons and four beautiful granddaughters to love (Finlay, Emery, Lily and Rory) who call us Mimi and Pop.

Just as the bio in the playbill usually ends…

In his spare time, John dotes on granddaughters, rehabs houses, plays in his garden, attends way too many meetings and wishes he was scuba diving.

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