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Kevin Haworth, PhD, is an assistant professor in the division or cardiovascular health and disease at the University of Cincinnati.

Kevin Haworth, PhD, is an assistant professor in the division or cardiovascular health and disease at the University of Cincinnati.
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Publish Date: 05/30/14
Media Contact: Cedric Ricks, 513-558-4657
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Personal Histories at UC Influence Faculty/Staff Campaign Giving

The 2014 campaign, "UC the Impact,” started in early 2014 and continues through June. This year’s campaign and upcoming stories in "Featured” will focus on the significant impact that faculty and staff giving has on Academic Health Center colleges and the university.

Kevin Haworth, PhD, is pretty thoughtful when it comes to making philanthropic decisions at the University of Cincinnati.

His giving, like that of many at UC, is shaped by his connection to the university. The assistant professor in the division of cardiovascular health and disease started contributing to the faculty/staff campaign in 2010 when he was a fellow in the division and excited by a new president at UC.

"When Santa Ono became president, I think that year I did give to general funds because to me it kind of signified support of his presidency,” says Haworth, volunteer captain this year for the faculty/staff campaign in the division of cardiovascular health and disease.

"This year I contributed to the Heart, Lung and Vascular Institute,” says Haworth, noting that the institute’s new name (formerly it was called the UC Cardiovascular Institute) and new direction are welcomed additions for the university.

"It ties in closely with my work, and I’ve given to the division in the past,” says Haworth. "It’s nice to support that, but who knows what exciting things will happen at UC next year that will inspire me to give?”

So far, Haworth says giving within the division of cardiovascular health and disease is at 30 percent with little more than a month to go in the faculty/staff campaign.  Last year, the division achieved 60 percent participation.

Haworth says Division Director Richard Becker, MD, set a goal of 100 percent participation this year and he hopes to get close to achievement.

"We are inspired by our pulmonary brethren (Division of Pulmonary, Critical Care and Sleep Medicine) who have given 100 percent,” says Haworth.

There is no pressure to give to any specific area, but Haworth says many in the division have their favorites.

"We leave that up to whatever people are most motivated by,” says Haworth. "It really depends on each person’s history here at UC on what really gets them excited. We do make it easier by providing names and funds within the divisions, such as the Heart, Lung and Vascular Institute and the medical student scholarships, because those tend to be the most popular, but they are welcome to contribute anywhere.

"We really just want to have people contributing,” he says.

Haworth said much of his role is just making colleagues aware of the opportunities to give through reminders at division and department meetings and more informational chats with faculty and staff in hallways.

"A wider part of the effort is making people aware of the opportunity to give,” he says. "We had the honor at our last division meeting of bringing in Martha Dua-Awereh, who spoke about the Lucy Oxley Scholarship that she has received.”

The Oxley Fund is an endowment fund within the Marilyn Hughes Gaston Scholars Program at the UC College of Medicine and was established in 1999 to provide scholarships for admitted students at the college who come from a population traditionally underrepresented in the community of physicians.

Funds are awarded to students who have financial need and have shown the interest and desire to practice medicine where populations are underserved. Faculty and staff can designate their tax-deductible gifts to specific college or university priorities, academic scholarships or departments. Click here to see a list of all available funds. Everyone who makes a gift from now through June 30 will be eligible for special promotions and drawings.

For more information on the Faculty & Staff Campaign and ways to give, visit, email or call Michael Zenz at 513-558-3355

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