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Emanuel Lewis, computer support specialist, UC College of Nursing

Emanuel Lewis, computer support specialist, UC College of Nursing
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Publish Date: 06/26/14
Media Contact: AHC Public Relations, (513) 558-4553
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Success of Others Influences Campaign Giving

The 2014 campaign, "UC the Impact,” started in early 2014 and continues through June. This year’s campaign and stories in "Featured” focus on the significant impact that faculty and staff giving has on Academic Health Center colleges and the university.


Emanuel Lewis, a computer support specialist with the University of Cincinnati (UC) College of Nursing, is excited about technology, but, he says, his passion lies in seeing the success of others.


That passion is what led Lewis to give to UC’s Faculty/Staff Campaign. As he did in 2012 and 2013, Lewis again this year designated a gift to the College of Nursing’s Employee Advancement Fund, which offers financial assistance to college staff who choose to further their education.


Lewis, who started work at the College of Nursing in 2001 and went on to complete his MBA from UC’s Lindner College of Business, knows firsthand how tough it can be to juggle work, school and family, along with any extra financial responsibilities that come up.


A few years ago, he led the formation of the Project Ed initiative at the College of Nursing, which was created to encourage professional development.


Project Ed allows for people to come together socially, offer each other guidance and even trade textbooks. But, Lewis says, missing from that initiative were resources for staff who had interest in continuing their education.


The Employee Advancement Fund provides for up to $250 per applicant per fiscal year to help offset the incidental costs associated with education that aren’t included as part of UC’s tuition remission program. These costs could include application fees, registration for admissions tests and textbooks.


Lewis also gives to the college’s Technology Fund—a natural fit for him—but sees so much value in investing in the growth of fellow staff members. And while his giving can be viewed as a selfless act, Lewis readily admits he benefits from the gifts he’s made.


"When you focus on other people, it goes a long way in helping you gain perspective on your own situation. If you invest in others’ success, it’s only natural that you move forward yourself.”


When it comes to campaign giving, Lewis offers this advice:


"Find something you can connect with. The campaign allows for that.”

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