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UC Bearcat volleyball player and nursing student Amelia Wegman (No. 14)

UC Bearcat volleyball player and nursing student Amelia Wegman (No. 14)

UC Bearcat volleyball player and nursing student Amelia Wegman
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Publish Date: 09/11/14
Media Contact: AHC Public Relations, (513) 558-4553
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Focus On Students with Amelia Wegman

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Nursing student and UC Bearcat volleyball player Amelia Wegman strives for excellence.

The outside hitter and Aurora, Illinois, native started her collegiate academic and athletic careers in 2012, following four years as a record-setting high school volleyball player.

Because her studies and her time on the court matter so much, she’s determined to find the perfect balance so that neither will suffer.

What made you choose nursing as your field of study?
"I chose nursing as my field of study because I love working with people and wanted to find a way to help others in a personal, hands-on kind of way. My grandmother was a nurse, and she is one of my biggest role models. Her knowledge about the human body paired with her extreme kindness and thoughtfulness truly represents what a nurse should be.”

What is your dream job upon graduation?
"My dream job upon graduation in 2016 would be to work as a nurse in the emergency room of a major hospital for a couple of years until I go back to school to become a nurse practitioner.”

Talk a bit about balancing school with being a student athlete.
"Anyone can tell you that you need to be an expert at time management while balancing school and athletics. School absolutely comes first, and that is stressed by everyone in the athletic department at the University of Cincinnati. By getting to be a part of the College of Nursing and the volleyball program, I am very blessed to be doing two things that I love. I want to strive for excellence in each so the balance comes easier than you would think, since one of those areas would suffer if I was careless with my time.”

What’s important to you in your spare time?
"Because of my commitments to nursing and volleyball, ‘spare time’ is few and far between. However, I think it’s really important to unwind from the craziness when I get the opportunity to. To be honest, a nap is usually at the top of my priority list or simply watching a movie. Going to church, reading for enjoyment, or simply hanging out with friends are also helpful ways to spend my spare time. I also love being outdoors. Getting some fresh air and sunshine is such a reward after a long practice or study session.” 
Can you tell us something your peers here at UC might not know about you?
"My peers here at UC might not know that I have a musical background. I’ve played the piano since I was 6, and used to be in school plays. Most of my teammates know that I like to sing (although often not in tune) and would love to see a musical now and then, but I usually don’t put that side of me out there for everyone to see.”

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