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University of Cincinnati Academic Health Center
Publish Date: 12/20/99
Media Contact: AHC Public Relations, (513) 558-4553
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NIH Training Grant Awarded to UC College of Medicine

Cincinnati—The University of Cincinnati (UC) College of Medicine recently received a five-year $1 million grant from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) to fund an interdepartmental training program. "The program is designed to provide training in cancer research using contemporary approaches," says Sohaib Khan, PhD, director of the training program at UC. According to James Fagin, MD, vice-program director, "This training grant will allow graduate students and postdoctoral fellows to gain exposure to many facets of contemporary cancer research. Candidates supported by this program will be working in laboratories that attempt to unravel fundamental genetic and cellular causes of cancer with a view to applying these insights to design new and more effective treatments," Fagin adds.

This grant provides the opportunity for undergraduates interested in cancer research to enroll in graduate programs while getting the experience of working with some of the best cancer researchers in the country. The funds from this training program will also be used to give postdoctoral training to individuals with advanced degrees. UC researchers are studying cancers of the brain, breast, colon, blood, lung, and thyroid on a fundamental and cellular level. Many of the cancer researchers are involved in gene therapy in which tumor cells are used to target and fight cancer genetically.

The UC College of Medicine faculty in the training program include: Marshall Anderson, MD, professor and director of the Department of Environmental Health; Michelle Barton, PhD, assistant professor of molecular genetics; Robert Brackenbury, PhD, professor of cell biology; Iain Cartwright, PhD, associate professor of molecular genetics; Wei Dai, PhD, associate professor of hematology/oncology in Internal Medicine; Thomas Doestchman, PhD, professor of molecular genetics; James Fagin, MD, professor and director of endocrinology/metabolism in the Department of Internal Medicine; Joanna Groden, PhD, associate professor of molecular genetics; Wallace Ip, professor of cell biology; Sohaib Khan PhD, associate professor of cell biology; Anil Menon, PhD, associate professor of molecular genetics; Linda Parysek, PhD, associate professor of cell biology; Nancy Ratner, PhD, professor of cell biology; Peter Stambrook, PhD, professor chairman of cell biology and associate director of the Barrett Cancer Center; Jeffrey Whitsett, PhD, professor of pediatrics and director of pulmonary biological neonatology; and John Winkelmann, PhD, associate professor and division director of hematology/oncology in the Department of Internal Medicine.

For more information on how students can apply for the training program, please call 513-558-7224.

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