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University of Cincinnati Academic Health Center
Publish Date: 11/08/01
Media Contact: AHC Public Relations, (513) 558-4553
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UC Scientist Named "Highly Cited Researcher"

Cincinnati--Daniel W. Nebert, MD, professor of environmental genetics, has been named a "Highly-Cited Researcher" by the Institute for Scientific Information (ISI). Nebert receives a certificate from the ISI, designating him one of the most highly-cited researchers in their database (top one-half of one percent in all scientific publications appearing between 1980 and 2000). This means other authors cite Nebert's works, and carry out experiments based on his pioneering research reports, much more than the works of the other 99.5 percent of scientists worldwide. In a series of essays published over the years in "Current Contents," ISI has identified the world's most-cited authors. Nebert was also distinguished by ISI in the 1965-78 period for being cited "among the top 1000 scientists in the world, from more than 1 million."

Nebert is an expert in ecogenetics (gene-environment interactions) and pharmacogenetics (drug-gene interactions). Nebert has been a leader in the field of environmental genetics and was one of the first to demonstrate that genetic differences between individuals can make some people more susceptible to cancer, more likely to have an adverse drug reaction, or be at higher risk for birth defects. He has received numerous awards including the Bernard B. Brodie Award on Drug Metabolism (1986), the UC Distinguished Research Professorship Award (1998) and the Rieveschl Award for Distinguished Scientific Research (1999). Nebert also developed a logical process for naming genes based on evolution, and is a member of the 12-person panel of the Human Gene Nomenclature Committee based in London.

ISI created this new list of Highly-Cited Researchers based on the important scientific developments of the last two decades. The recognition of Nebert's contributions by fellow scientists, reflected in the outstanding number of references his papers have garnered, has placed Nebert in this group. ISI is now in the process of creating, a free, publicly available, web-based gateway to the world's most-cited authors. will be a dynamic file, including both biographical information and a publications list in each author record.

The site will be updated and augmented regularly and will offer access to citation data through a link to the ISI Web of Science, making it a uniquely enhanced bibliography of a researcher's published work. The website was launched on Aug. 27, 2001 with four categories: chemistry, engineering, neuroscience, and physics. The nearly 400 records compiled to date can be viewed on the web site at Several other categories are in preparation, and ISI is beginning the data collection stage for the pharmacology category, in which Nebert will be listed. Nebert is a professor and researcher in the UC Department of Environmental Health/Center for Environmental Genetics, and also in the UC Department of Pediatrics & Developmental Biology, Division of Human Genetics affiliated with the Cincinnati Childrenšs Hospital Medical Center.

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