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University of Cincinnati Academic Health Center
Publish Date: 10/23/02
Media Contact: AHC Public Relations, (513) 558-4553
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Delivery of a 15-ton magnet that will be installed in a new, state-of-the-art magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) system at the University of Cincinnati (UC) College of Medicine Medical Sciences Building.

Stephen Strakowski, MD, is professor of psychiatry, psychology, neuroscience and biomedical engineering, and director of the UC College of Medicine Center for Imaging Research (CIR). With significant contributions from several key departments, including Psychiatry, Radiology and Biomedical Engineering, the UC College of Medicine established the new clinical research core to provide the highest level of human imaging studies.

The 15-ton donut-shaped magnet is scheduled to arrive at 2 p.m. on October 29, and the new MRI system is expected to be fully functional by January 2003. UC will have the only 4 Tesla MRI operating in the state of Ohio and one of only 12 such sites in the world.

The College of Medicine Medical Sciences Building receiving entrance, where floors and elevators have been reinforced to withstand the immense weight of the huge magnet.

The new center will serve as a core facility to advance investigations at UC in a number of human illnesses, including stroke, depression, epilepsy, heart disease, obesity and bipolar disorder. MRI has important advantages over other technologies used to image human beings, especially in that it does not use ionizing radiation for images. Thus, MRI allows scientists to examine the structure, activity and chemistry of the brain, heart or other vital organs in living people. It also offers a more detailed image of malfunctions or chemical imbalances in the brain than ever possible with previous approaches.

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