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University of Cincinnati Academic Health Center
Publish Date: 12/18/98
Media Contact: AHC Public Relations, (513) 558-4553
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UC Faculty Members Selected for The Best Doctors In America

Cincinnati—The Best Doctors in America: 1999 Edition© (copyright 1998 by Woodward/White, Inc., of Aiken, SC) has included 112 faculty members from the University of Cincinnati (UC) College of Medicine among its list of best physicians in the United States.

The Best Doctors in America listing is based on a survey of more than 30,000 US doctors. These doctors were asked “If a friend or loved one came to you with a medical problem in your field of expertise, and for some reason you couldn't handle the case, to whom would you send them?” Physicians who earn the consensus support of their peers are included in the publication. The publication lists the best physicians in more than 350 specialties.

"This recognition attests to the high level of expertise that our faculty members possess," says John Hutton, MD, dean of the UC College of Medicine. "These world-class physicians are educating the next generation of health care professionals on how to provide quality care to patients. Many are also conducting cutting-edge clinical research to develop better ways of preventing, diagnosing, and treating disease in the future."

Of these physicians listed, 100 are full-time faculty members, nine are emeritus professors, three are adjunct professors, and 17 are volunteer instructors.

  • Robert Adolph, professor emeritus, Internal Medicine
  • J. Wesley Alexander, professor, Surgery
  • Bernard Aron, professor emeritus, Radiation-Oncology
  • William Balistreri, professor, Pediatric/Internal Medicine
  • Joseph Bateman, professor, Family Medicine
  • Robert Baughman, professor,     Internal Medicine/Pulmonary
  • Robert Beekman, professor, Pediatrics/Cardiology
  • David Bernstein, professor, Internal Medicine-Immunology
  • Jonathan Bernstein, associate professor, Internal Medicine-Immunology
  • I. Leonard Bernstein, adjunct professor, Internal Medicine-Immunology
  • Mark Bibler, professor, Internal Medicine
  • Frank Biro, associate professor, Pediatrics
  • Thomas Boat, professor and chair, Pediatrics
  • Bruce Bracken, professor, Urology
  • Debra Breneman, professor, Dermatology
  • John Breneman, associate professor, Radiation-Oncology
  • Phillip Bridenbaugh, professor & chair, Anesthesia
  • Joseph Broderick, professor, Neurology
  • Steve Chernausek, professor,    Pediatrics/Endocrinology
  • Mitchell Cohen, professor, Pediatrics
  • Robin Cotton, professor, Pediatric Otolaryngology
  • Alvin Crawford, professor, Pediatric Orthopedic Surgery
  • Kerry Crone, associate professor, Neurological Surgery
  • Ton J. deGrauw, associate professor, Neurology
  • Lawrence Dolan, professor, Pediatrics/Endocrinology
  • Edward Donovan, associate professor, Pediatrics/Neonatal
  • Stewart Dunsker, professor, Neurosurgery
  • Michael Farrell, professor, Pediatrics/Gastroenterology
  • Judith Feinberg, associate professor, Internal Medicine/Infectious Diseases
  • Cecilia Fenoglio-Preiser, assistant professor, Pathology and Lab Medicine
  • Mariano Fernandez-Ulioa, professor, Nuclear Medicine
  • M. Roy First, professor, Internal Medicine/Nephrology
  • Joseph Fischer, professor and chair, Surgery
  • Peter Frame, professor, Internal Medicine/Infectious Diseases
  • David Neal Franz, associate professor, Pediatrics/Neurology
  • John Galla, professor, Internal Medicine
  • Margery Gass, associate professor, OB/Gyn
  • Michael J. Gelfand, associate professor, Radiology
  • David Glass, professor, Pediatrics/Rheumatology
  • Tracey Glauser, associate professor, Neurology
  • Jack Gluckman, professor & chair, Otolaryngology
  • Gregory Grabowski, professor, Pediatrics
  • Stuart Handwerger, professor, Pediatrics
  • Charles Heaton, professor, Dermatology
  • Richard Henthorn, assistant professor, Cardiovascular Disease
  • Evelyn Hess, adjunct professor emeritus, Internal Medicine/Immunology
  • Paula Hillard, professor, OB/Gyn
  • James Hurst, professor, Surgery
  • Nader Husseinzadeh, professor, OB/Gyn
  • Robert Hutchins, associate professor, Ophthalmology
  • Tom Ivey, professor & director, Surgery/Cardiothoracic
  • Alan Jobe, professor, Pediatrics/Pulmonary
  • Kay Johnson, assistant professor, Internal Medicine
  • Adam Kaufman, assistant professor, Ophthalmology
  • Paul Keck, professor, Psychiatry
  • Robert Kersten, associate professor, Ophthalmology
  • Dwight Kulwin, associate professor, Ophthalmology
  • Lisa Larkin, assistant professor, Internal Medicine
  • Nancy Leslie, assistant professor, Pediatrics
  • Michelle Lierl, adjunct associate professor, Pediatrics
  • Calvin Linnemann, professor emeritus, Internal Medicine/Infectious Diseases
  • James Liu, professor, OB/Gyn
  • Robert Luke, professor & director, Internal Medicine
  • Michael Maloney, associate professor, Psychiatry/Pediatrics
  • Vincent Martin, associate professor, Family Medicine
  • Brian McConville, professor, Psychiatry
  • John McDonough, associate professor, Hand Surgery
  • Susan McElroy, professor, Psychiatry
  • Paul McEnery, professor, Pediatrics/Nephrology
  • Richard Meyer, professor, Pediatric/Cardiology
  • Menachem Miodovnik, professor, OB/Gyn
  • Myron Moskowitz, professor emeritus, Radiation
  • Caroline Mueller, assistant professor, Family Medicine
  • Dija Mutasim, associate professor, Dermatology
  • Charles Myer III, professor, Pediatric Otolaryngology
  • Henry Neale, professor, Surgery/Plastic and Reconstructive
  • Hiroshi Nishiyama, professor, Nuclear Medicine
  • James Nordlund, professor, Dermatology
  • Anna Ornstein, professor emeritus, Psychiatry/Pediatrics
  • Paul Ornstein, professor emeritus, Psychiatry
  • Joseph Palascak, associate professor, Internal Medicine/Hematology-Oncology
  • Myles Pensak, professor, Otolaryngology
  • David Porembka, associate professor, Anesthesia
  • Elizabeth Rabkin, adjunct assistant professor, Internal Medicine
  • Robert W. Rebar, professor & director, OB/Gyn
  • Gregory Rouan, professor, Internal Medicine
  • Steven Scheer, professor, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
  • William Schubert, professor emeritus, Pediatrics
  • David Schwartz, professor, Pediatrics/Cardiology
  • Allen Seiden, associate professor, Otolaryngology
  • Curtis Sheldon, professor, Pediatrics/Surgery
  • Tariq Siddiqi, professor, OB/Gyn
  • Edward Silberstein, professor, Nuclear Medicine
  • Eric Smith, associate professor, Pediatrics/Endocrinology
  • Lawrence Stanberry, professor, Pediatrics
  • Peter Stern, professor & director, Hand Surgery
  • Frederic Strife, professor, Pediatrics
  • Theodore Striker, professor, Anesthesia
  • Thomas Tami, professor, Otolaryngology
  • John Tew, professor and chairman, Neurosurgery
  • Michael Thomas, associate professor, OB/Gyn
  • Frank Toebbe, adjunct assistant professor, Internal Medicine
  • Thomas Tomsick, professor, Neuroradiology
  • Reginald Tsang, adjunct professor emeritus, Pediatrics
  • Harry van Loveren, professor, Neurosurgery
  • Nita Walker, assistant professor, Internal Medicine
  • Gregg Warshaw, professor, Geriatric Medicine
  • Thomas Welch, professor, Pediatrics
  • Clark West, professor emeritus, Pediatrics
  • Jeffrey Whitsett, professor, Pediatrics
  • Robert Wilmott, associate professor, Pediatrics
  • Robert Wones, professor, Internal Medicine
  • John Wyrick, assistant professor, Hand Surgery
  • Alan Zalta, associate professor, Ophthalmology
The following “Best Doctors” are volunteer faculty for the UC College of Medicine: Charles Abbottsmith, Ellen Buerk, John Cohen, Brett Coldiron, Paul Fassler, Karl Golnick, Richard Heyman, Glen Hofman, Thomas R. Kiefhaber, Anne Lucky, Herbert Magenheim, Frank Noyes, William Ransohoff, Allan Robinson, Giacomo Sammarco, Richard Welling, Robert Werner.

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