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Date: Monday, June 20, 2011

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UC Health
UC Health

UC Health Board OKs Integration Plan

The UC Health Board of Directors, at its June 15 meeting, unanimously approved a plan to integrate UC Physicians into UC Health. Previously, the UC Physicians Board of Directors had also unanimously approved the plan.

The UC Board of Trustees is expected to consider a resolution supporting the plan Tuesday, June 21. With an affirmative vote at that meeting, the integration plan is scheduled to be implemented beginning July 1.

In a message to UC Health, President and CEO James Kingsbury said integration has been one of the top priorities since the formation of UC Health: "These last few steps are great news as we move forward to achieving the goal of a truly unified and integrated health system.”

Robert Krikorian, PhD
Robert Krikorian, PhD

Krikorian Elected to Faculty Senate

Robert Krikorian, PhD, associate professor of clinical psychiatry, has been elected to a two-year term as a College of Medicine representative to the UC Faculty Senate. Krikorian fills the seat previously held by Judith Feinberg, MD, department of internal medicine, who completed her term.

The College of Medicine has two senators who serve in the Faculty Senate, with Henry Nasrallah, MD, also of the department of psychiatry and behavioral neuroscience, continuing to serve in addition to Krikorian. In addition, Brett Harnett, MD, of the department of surgery, serves as an at-large senator.

Andrew Filak, Jr., MD
Andrew Filak, MD

Filak Appointed to ACGME Committee

Andrew Filak, MD, interim dean and vice president for health affairs, has been appointed to the Institutional Review Committee for the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME). Members of the Institutional Review Committee are appointed by the ACGME Executive Committee and confirmed by the Board of Directors.

The ACGME is a private, residency-accrediting council that was established in 1981. For more information, visit

Bench to bedside research

URC Announces Winners for Interdisciplinary Grants

The University Research Council (URC) has awarded eight grants, each totaling approximately $25,000, through its annual interdisciplinary grant competition. The intent of this granting program is to bring faculty together from across the university to work on an interdisciplinary research project that will result in applications to federal granting agencies.

Sixty-six proposals were submitted from a total of 211 faculty representing 10 of UC’s 16 colleges. Seven of the eight grants involve researchers from the College of Medicine, UC Health University Hospital and Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center.

For a full list of the grants and researchers, visit

James Heubi, MD, (left) and Joel Tsevat, MD

CCTST Announces T1 Junior Awardees

UC’s Center for Clinical and Translational Science and Training (CCTST) launched a new "T1" Pilot Grant Program for Junior Investigators, a variation of the existing "T1" Pilot Grant Program but targeted to junior faculty. "T1” research seeks to apply clinical or basic research knowledge in an identifiable pathway toward the development of trials and studies in humans.

Through a competitive application process, the new program provides a one-year, non-renewable grant of up to $25,000 for junior faculty to obtain preliminary data leading to additional funding through the full "T1" grant program (open to all faculty, up to $100,000) or extramural sources

Winners of the seven grants are:

  • Opeolu Adeoye, MD, emergency medicine and neurosurgery
  • Vidya Chidambaran, MD, anesthesiology
  • Jennifer Kaplan, MD, pediatrics
  • Jack Rubinstein, MD, cardiology
  • Takuji Suzuki, MD, PhD, pulmonary biology, CCHMC
  • Shao-Chun Wang, PhD, cancer and cell biology
  • Xiaoting Zhang, PhD, cancer and cell biology
Cincinnati Metro
Cincinnati Metro

UC*Metro Offers New Bus Option

There is a new option for University of Cincinnati passengers on Metro buses starting today. UC and Metro have amended the UC*Metro existing contract to include a second discounted ride option called "EZ Ride.” Although the EZ Card is more expensive per ride than the UC*Metro Card, there are no additional zone charges or registration fees.

"The new option recognizes that, while most UC Metro subscribers ride every day, there are some potential riders who only need occasional service from Metro,” said Rick Wiggins, associate vice president of administration and finance. "EZ Ride provides that option.”

The new EZ Ride card is free and requires riders to pay $1 per ride and 50 cents per transfer. For more information, visit

UC Academic Health Center
UC Academic Health Center

Upcoming Lectures and Seminars:

  • Molecular Genetics, Biochemistry & Microbiology Seminar June 21: Doctoral student Kayleigh MacMaster will present, "Novel Cellular Components Influencing Shiga Toxin Potency" and Ashley Reyer will discuss, "Biophysical Characterization of the Drosophila Corepressor Hairless in the Notch Pathway" at noon in Medical Sciences Building Room 4051.
  • Human Genetics Special Seminar June 21: Kelli Ryckman, PhD, assistant research scientist in pediatrics at Carver College of Medicine, University of Iowa, will present an analysis of complex traits in the newborn at 1:30 p.m. in Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center, Location S, Room 1.203.
  • Research Flow Cytometry Core Users Meeting June 29: Rock Pulak, PhD, director of life technologies at Union Biometrica, will present "Large particle flow cytometry with Union Biometrica’s new BioSorter instrument," at 2 p.m. in CCHMC Location S, Room 1.203.

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