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Date: Monday, June 27, 2005

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Ohio Legislators Renew COM's Clinical Teaching Line Item

Many from the COM played a key role in renewing the clinical teaching line item for Ohio's public medical schools. The college will continue to receive $11 million annually. The legislature has asked Ohio Board of Regents and medical college deans to review the existing funding formula for this line item before the next budget cycle. The primary-care line item was cut by 10 percent. Thanks to everyone for their time and effort.


Gold and Silver Apple Awards

The COM honors excellence in teaching with the presentation of Gold and Silver Apple Awards at the annual Student Clinician's Dinner, 6 to 7 p.m. Thursday, June 30, at the Kingsgate Marriott Conference Center. First-year medical students nominated James Gross, PhD, for the Gold Apple, and Bruce Giffin, PhD, and D.J. Lowrie, PhD, for the Silver Apple. Second-year students nominated Paul Biddinger, MD, for the Gold Apple, and Edmund Choi, PhD, and Catherine Saelinger, PhD, for the Silver Apple. The COM graduating class presented its awards May 21 at the Honors Day Program. The Gold Apple went to Richard Stevenson, MD, and Silver Apples to Sarah Pritts, MD, and Clarence McLain, MD.


New Fund to Support Research

The Department of Environmental Health has established the Barkley, Bell and Bingham Endowment Fund to support educational and professional activities of investigators involved in occupational health and safety research. The fund honors the late William Barkley, senior research associate; Dr. R. Hayes Bell, vice president and director of corporate health, safety and environment for the Eastern Kodak Company; and Eula Bingham, professor emeritus of environmental health. For further information on the fund, contact Scott Clark, PhD, at


COM Hosts 100 Summer Researchers

More than 100 undergraduate students from colleges nationwide are participating in Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship programs at the COM. The fellows spend 8-10 weeks at the COM participating in biomedical research. They are placed in laboratories across the Medical Center and gain experience in a wide range of research projects that will help further their careers in this competitive field. To find more information about the COM's summer research programs, go to


Central Clinic Receives Donation from Microsoft

Central Clinic, the principal local training site for outpatient psychiatry, has received more than $140,000 worth of software from Microsoft. The new software will help Central Clinic increase productivity by allowing its divisions to share resources. The clinic was founded in 1923 by the United Way to diagnose and treat children with mental disorders. In a unique partnership, the clinic provides training for psychiatric residents and other mental-health personnel at the Medical Center as well as mental-health services to Hamilton County.


Queen City 101

Want to celebrate the Fourth of July or some other holiday in an explosive way? Unless you obtain a police permit, Ohio law only allows the use of sparklers, trick noisemakers, snakes and other low-key pyrotechnics. Cherry bombs, M-80s and tube shells are strictly banned. Kentucky and Indiana have similar regulations, but impose stiffer fines and a one-year sentence for violators. Catch-22: All three states allow firecracker dealers to sell just about anything, as long as customers sign a statement that they are taking the items out of the Tristate.

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