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Date: Tuesday, May 31, 2005

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Manuel Appointed Assistant Dean for Admissions

Stephen Manuel, PhD, has been appointed assistant dean for admissions for the College of Medicine, replacing Clarice Fooks, who retired April 1. Dr. Manuel received his PhD in educational administration from Indiana State University and most recently served as director of admissions at Northeastern Ohio Universities College of Medicine. Dr. Manuel not only has experience in all key aspects of the admissions process, but also considerable interest and expertise in research related to predictors of student success. Dr. Manuel assumed his new post May 16. Please welcome him to UC COM.  


COM, Cancer Center Team with University Hospital for Cancer Symposium

The College of Medicine and UC Cancer Center are teaming with University Hospital to offer "Knowledge for Life," a free open house on all aspects of cancer prevention, diagnosis, care and research. This is the first event of its kind in the region to offer such a broad range of information to a lay audience. In all, 16 different cancers, including childhood and uncommon cancers, will be discussed. The comprehensive program will cover causes and risk factors of each type of cancer discussed, including hereditary and environmental considerations, as well as possible prevention, screening recommendations, treatment and outcomes. Speakers will also provide firsthand information about the latest developments in cancer research. The event is scheduled for June 25 at the Kingsgate Marriott Conference Center. For more information, call 584-9097 or visit


Collier to Serve as Chairperson for NIH Study Section

Timothy J. Collier, PhD, who will be joining the UC Department of Neurology as a Millennium Recruit in July, has been asked to serve at the request of the National Institutes of Health as chairperson of the Clinical Neuroplasticity and Neurotransmitters Study Section, Center for Scientific Review, for the term beginning July 1, 2005, and ending in June 2007. Members of this committee are selected on the basis of their demonstrated competence and achievement in their scientific discipline as evidenced by the quality of their research accomplishments, publications in scientific journals, and other significant scientific activities, achievements and honors. This invitation to Dr. Collier recognizes his scientific stature and contributions to the world of research.


Clinical AIDS Unit Ranked First, Second in Key Areas

In its semi-annual evaluation from the central office of the AIDS Clinical Trials Group (ACTG), the AIDS Clinical Trails Unit (ACTU) at the UC College of Medicine ranked first among the 33 ACTUs nationwide for overall accrual for the first half of the current evaluation year, and was found to be the second most cost-effective unit in the ACTG. ACTUs are federally-funded centers designed to study persons with HIV and AIDS. The ACTU at UC specializes in clinical research, training, education and the care of persons with HIV/AIDS. It is housed in the Infectious Diseases Center at the College of Medicine, and the staff includes physicians, nurses, pharmacists, allied health care professionals, laboratory specialists and administrative staff, all dedicated to the mission of finding a cure for AIDS and helping those affected live healthier lives.


Queen City 101

In June, Greater Cincinnati has an average temperature of 71 degrees and sees four inches of rainfall.

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