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Date: Monday, March 28, 2005

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University Pointe Surgical Hospital Awarded Full Accreditation     University Pointe Surgical Hospital has received full accreditation from the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organization's (JCAHO). The award of accreditation is for a three-year period. University Pointe, located in West Chester, is a joint partnership between the Health Alliance and UC Physicians. The 100th surgery was recently performed at the hospital.


Researchers Add New Tool to Tumor-Treatment Arsenal

A study led by George Thomas, PhD, of UC's Genome Research Institute, demonstrates the potential effectiveness of treating tumors by combining DNA-damaging agents currently used in chemotherapy with a drug that sensitizes cancer cells to these agents. The researchers studied the results of combining a DNA-damaging agent called cisplatin with RAD001, a derivative of the immunosuppressive drug rapamycin. Used in organ transplant patients, rapamycin and its derivatives have shown promising anti-tumor activity in phase I and II clinical trials. Dr. Thomas and colleagues found that RAD001 sensitizes tumors cells to allow for lower, less toxic doses of DNA-damaging agents to be used, sending the cells into cell death. The study appears in the March 25, 2005, issue of the journal Cell. Read more.


Researchers Discover Molecule that Causes Secondary Stroke

Scientists at the UC College of Medicine have discovered the cause of a deadly type of secondary stroke known as cerebral vasospasm. Sixty percent of patients who survive the initial stroke develop vasospasm, and 40 percent of them die from it. A research team led by Joseph Clark, PhD, of UC's Department of Neurology, has now identified the molecules that trigger vasospasm, a breakthrough, he says, that "raises hopes of developing not only new ways to treat the condition, but also a diagnostic test to determine which hemorrhagic stroke survivors are at greater risk." The study, reported in the March 23, 2005, online edition of the Journal of Cerebral Blood Flow and Metabolism, is featured in an article from today's Cincinnati Enquirer. Read the article.


IvaDean Scholarship Benefit Concert Raises $3,700-Plus

The IvaDean Scholarship Benefit Concert raised nearly $4,000, which will go toward supporting the IvaDean Medical Student Scholarship Fund. The Concert, held March 11, was emceed by Bruce Giffin, PhD, and showcased the talent of COM students and colleagues.  Performers included the rock group The Source (led by Michael Borack, PsyD) and contemporary rock sounds of The Kocher Maneuver (featuring Jeffrey Matthews, MD, and Shahab Akhter, MD).  Thanks to everyone who performed or attended.


Queen City 101

In April, the Greater Cincinnati area has an average temperature of 53 degrees and sees an average of four inches of rainfall.

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