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Date: Monday, May 24, 2004

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President Zimpher Lays Out Academic Plan

University of Cincinnati President Nancy Zimpher unveiled a vision for UC at her formal installation last Friday.  The UC academic plan became one of President Zimpher's top priorities when she arrived on the UC campus in October 2003.  The vision she discussed resulted from months of collaboration with a wide range of UC's stakeholders.  The process involved eight Town Hall meetings UC hosted with more than 240 people participating as well as more than 83 input sessions attended by 2,400 people. Hundreds of people also voiced their opinions using the UC academic planning Web site, which attracted literally thousands of visits.  Streaming video of President Zimpher's remarks is available at

Please note that you will need Windows Media Player 9; the page contains a link where you can download that version of the software.


Honors Day Held May 22

The COM's Commencement, also known as Honors Day,  was held this past Saturday to celebrate the matriculation of the 151 medical students of the Class of 2004.  Remarks were made by, among others, Senior Vice President and Provost for Health Affairs Jane E. Henney, MD and COM Dean William J. Martin II, MD.  Among the numerous awards announced were the Daniel Drake medal, presented to Drs. Herbert Flessa and Richard Larsen; and the Leonard Tow Humanism in Medicine Award, presented to Barbara Tobias, MD and William Andrew Jenkins (UC-IV).  The keynote speaker was Dr. Richard Walsh, the John H. Hord Professor and chairman of the Department of Medicine at Case Western Reserve University.  Dr. Walsh's son Ryan was one of the graduates and was elected to the AOA Honorary Society.  Congratulations to all the newly minted MDs!


My One Stop Debuts

The Medical Center is releasing a new Web application called My One Stop, which is part of the Integrated Advanced Information Management System (IAIMS) initiative.  My One Stop will allow Medical Center faculty, students and staff to create a personalized Website that serves as a single window into the systems and information a person needs.  This first release is a building block for the future and will enable users to take online and classroom professional training courses; correct personal information, as stored in several University systems; and update/view their professional research and practice interests.  This stage requires faculty to take a moment to correct personal information (as stored in several university systems) and update professional research and practice interests.  Applications to be introduced later will allow users to search for research collaborators; manage multiple versions of their CV (public and private views); create an on-demand, customized NIH biosketch; and create and manage their personal Web page (public and private views).  Medical Center faculty will receive an email later today asking them to participate in this initiative.


More Information on BCA Gift

The $10,000 gift from the Breast Cancer Alliance of Greater Cincinnati (BCA) to the Breast Cancer Registry of Greater Cincinnati (BCR), care of the COM’s Department of Environmental Health, was made in celebration of the BCA's 10th anniversary as a local breast cancer advocacy and educational organization.  The BCA was founded ten years ago by a group of women concerned about the incidence of breast cancer in their neighborhoods and their desire for local research.  Ms. Ann Hernick, president of the BCA, presented the check to Drs. Susan Pinney (founding director of the Registry) and M. Kathryn Brown (co-director of the Registry).  Start-up funding for the BCR came from the Dean’s Discovery Fund.  If you are a breast cancer survivor and want to join the registry, call 558-0854 to receive a registration packet.


Pocket Directory News

Readers of The Dean's List know that the new pocket directories have proven so popular that supplies have been exhausted and a new printing ordered.  Before the new copies come in, though, you can download a copy onto your PDA by visiting this Website:


Teaching Awards Distributed

For being selected as the best clinical teachers, the 2004 graduating class has selected Dr. Richard Stevenson from the Department of Surgery as the recipient of the Gold Apple and Dr. Jeffrey Matthews, also from Surgery, as the recipient of the Silver Apple.  Dr. Paul Biddinger from the Department of Pathology has been selected by the sophomore class as their best teacher in the second year. They have also selected Dr. Edmund Choi, Department of Molecular Genetics and Dr. Bruce Giffin, Department of Cell Biology, Neurology and Anatomy to receive the Silver Apples.


Innovative Liver Tumor Procedures to be Broadcast Live

At 5pm on May 27, the University of Cincinnati and The University Hospital will demonstrate two innovative procedures to treat liver tumors live via the Internet.  Radiofrequency ablation (RFA) and laparoscopic liver resection, both used to treat patients with liver tumors, will be featured. The broadcast, which is expected to last one hour, is free for all viewers.  Simply log on to  to view the live Webcast from The University Hospital.  More information is available from either Joseph F. Buell, MD ( or Steven M. Rudich, MD, PhD (


Reminder: Hutton Lectureship to Focus on Hot Medical Topic

The inaugural John J. Hutton, MD Lectureship in Ethics, scheduled for this Wednesday, will touch on a topic of surpassing importance to the medical field: stem cell research.  A Google search of stem cell research, for example, turns up 1,650,000 hits, and questions about stem cell research are frequently asked on NetWellness.  Clearly, the two presentations, by John Wagner, MD of the University of Minnesota's (U of M) Stem Cell Institute and Jeffrey Kahn, PhD, MPH of U of M's Center for Bioethics, are timely and sure to provide useful information.


ABC World News Tonight Angiogenesis Story on COM Net

If you missed it, the incredible story on angiogenesis carried to a national audience by ABC's World News Tonight May 12 has now been posted on COM Net.  This is remarkably positive coverage of the College of Medicine, and it reached millions of people around the country.


Vote for Your Favorite Cicada Limerick

Here are the entries to the Cicada Limerick Contest.  Please vote for your favorite entry by sending an email to this address.  Just note the number you're voting for.  We'll announce the winner in next week's edition.


Entry One:

Here comes the seventeen year cicada

A juiced up bug on Viagra

He screams in your ear

Pay attention, I am here,

Along with five million of my "broddas."


He lives an ephemeral life

Wakes up, eats your tree, causes strife

He doesn't ask for dates

Just mass copulates,

Doesn't have to answer to a wife.


He rarely works with much vigor

Yet he's able to raise such a furor

He's a pain in the a__

Whose mission will soon pass

Sounds like a tenured professor!


Entry Two:

There once was a young man named Joe
Who thought the cicadas wouldn't show
There was such a buzz
He knew what it was
Now all he wants is for them to go

A man once heard a very loud buzz
He did not know what the noise was
But in a big tree
What did he see
The racket is coming from cicadas

Entry Three:

Folks will be gathered far and wide

To see the phenomenon happening outside

But you'll see me

on level E

Watching COM TV while waiting for a ride


Entry Four:

The cicada phobia is in retreat
And psychiatrists have no one to treat
The kids are having a blast
The ladies are not aghast
And the men see six billion critters as neat!

Queen City 101

Founded in 1895, the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra is the fifth oldest orchestra in the United States.

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