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Date: Monday, January 12, 2004

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Faculty Serving on Editorial Board of Key Journal

Three faculty from the Pediatric Hematology/Oncology and Environmental Health areas are serving on the editorial board of Blood, the leading hematology journal.  They are David Williams, M.D., Frank Smith, M.D. and Stella Davies, M.D., Ph.D.  At the recent annual meeting of the Editorial Board, in fact, Dr. Smith was honored for having reviewed the second largest number of manuscripts of all Editorial Board members in the last year.


Dean's Remarks Now Available on Web

For those who were unable to attend the Dean's "State of the College" address last month, or those wanting to refresh their memories, a slide show encapsulating the address is now available on the Web at this address:


Department of Surgery Leads in Study of Pancreatic Adenocarcinoma

The December 10th issue of Cancer Cell reports a significant advancement in the study of pancreatic adenocarcinoma by our own Andrew Lowy, M.D. from the Department of Surgery.  Dr. Lowy and his collaborators have established the first mouse model of this lethal disease, which recapitulates the human histopathological progression of early ductal lesions to invasive and metastatic adenocarcinoma.  This mouse model will be used in the identification of potential therapeutic targets and the development of better imaging and screening modalities for early diagnosis and staging.  This work was supported by the UC component of the NCI Mouse Models of Human Cancer Consortium, one of 18 such Centers in the country.


Innovative Honors Program to Highlight Medical Center and College of Medicine

In a continuing effort to bridge the gap between East and West Campuses, Drs. Laura Wexler (Course Director), Gary Dean, Ron Millard, Randy Morris, Sarah Pixley, Karen Christian and Ms. Roberta Handwerger (Course Leaders) submitted a proposal for an innovative course called "Science in Medicine:  From the Bench to the Bedside."  In addition to providing UC's undergrads exposure to the Medical Center and the College of Medicine, the course is designed as a unique enrichment opportunity whereby students will have an introduction to biomedical science and to medicine as a career.  The course has been approved and will be offered through the Honors Program during the 2004-2005 academic year.  It will introduce students to the scientific basis of four areas of medicine: infectious diseases, bioterrorism, the effects of drug addiction on the brain, and the development of "replacement parts" (transplantation and artificial organs).  The aforementioned Course Leaders, along with additional COM faculty, will teach the course, which will involve didactic lectures, laboratory exercises, clinical demonstrations, small group study and presentations.


Computer Lab Move Successful

The College of Medicine Computer Lab, formerly located in the Health Sciences Library, has successfully completed its move to MSB E680 and is up and running.  The Lab, relocated to make way for CARE building construction, serves medical center students, staff and faculty.


Chakraborty Elected to Chilean National Academy of Sciences

Ranajit Chakraborty, Ph.D., Robert A. Kehoe Professor and Director with the Center for Genome Information, has been elected as a Corresponding Member of the Chilean National Academy of Sciences.  There are only 38 corresponding members of the Society, and just 10 in the entire United States.


Things to Do

Our crack staff has now finished tallying the votes for the "Top Ten Things to Do in Cincinnati During Your First Year Here," and the results are somewhat surprising, not for what constitutes the Top Ten, but rather the incredible breadth of the activities receiving votes.  In all, 75 different "must do's" were submitted, ranging from ice skating on Eden Park's Mirror Lake to enjoying the sunset from Imaculata Church in Mt. Adams.  It serves to remind us of all the things, great and small, that make Cincinnati such a great place to call home.  Without further ado, though, the Top Ten, in ascending order: attending the ATP Tennis Tournament; visiting King's Island; catching a UC College Conservatory of Music (CCM) production; seeing a move at the Esquire Theater; attending the Riverfest Fireworks; attending Oktoberfest; seeing a Playhouse in the Park production; shopping at Findlay Market, and tied for first are visiting Museum Center and taking in a Red's game.  Thank you to all who participated.



In last issue of The Dean's List, we included an article about the COM's nominees for the Cincinnati Business Courier's Health Care Heroes Awards program.  We inadvertently left off Dr. Michael Privitera, who was nominated as a team with Dr. Hwa-shain Yeh (Yeh as neurosurgeon and Privitera as neurologist) in the "Innovator" category for the epilepsy program they developed together here over the past 16 years.  Sorry about that, Dr. Privitera.


Did You Know...

Last week, we told you about Dr. Edward (Mel) Otten's roles outside the COM.  We'd love to include more of these vignettes about our COM colleagues, and are actively searching for them.  If you have a "Did You Know" you'd like to share, please email it to


Queen City 101

Serpent Mound State Memorial in Adams County (Ohio) is a tribute to the summer solstice, constructed so it would be in direct alignment with the setting sun on the longest days of the year.  The Serpent Mound earthwork was built by ancient peoples and, at almost 1,400 feet long, is the largest snake effigy in North America.

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