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Date: Tuesday, September 2, 2003

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Welcome to The Dean's List

This is the inaugural issue of The Dean's List, a bi-weekly newsletter specific to the internal audience of the University of Cincinnati College of Medicine.  This newsletter is designed to provide top-line information about goings-on at the College, and is but one of a number of steps we're taking to help improve internal communications.  Others will be unveiled in the weeks and months ahead.  Some changes may be made to the List as well, as we refine our approach to better serve you.


161 First-Years Welcomed at White Coat Ceremony

UCCOM's 8th Annual White Coat Ceremony took place on August 15 to officially welcome the 161 members of the Class of 2007.  Of this year's class, 76% (122) are residents of the State of Ohio, 59% are men, 41% are women and 8% are minorities.  One of the Ceremony's highlights was a remarkable talk given by Dr. Eric Warm.  If you weren't able to attend, videotaped copies of the Ceremony, including Dr. Warm's comments, are available through the Dean's office.


Wolf Recruitment Next Step in Creating Center for Surgical Innovation

The Department of Surgery has successfully recruited Dr. Randall K. Wolf back to Cincinnati, another step in the Department's efforts to create the Center for Surgical Innovation (CSI), a technology training program to instruct surgeons and develop cutting-edge surgical devices and research.  Dr. Wolf is a pioneer in robotic cardiac surgery and will hold appointments in both the Department of Surgery and the Department of Biomedical Engineering at the University of Cincinnati.  He will also serve as the director of CSI.  Dr. Wolf's hiring complements the recruitment of Dr. Tim Broderick, creating a one-two punch aimed at putting UC on the international map for robotics, telemedicine and significant advances in the practice of surgery. 


Focus Groups Take College's Pulse

On August 8, dozens of faculty and students from UCCOM participated in focus group sessions organized by the Medical Center and Main Campus public relations departments.  The wide-ranging sessions were designed to gain insight into what the UCCOM internal audience, you, feels are the salient issues of the day.  The results of these sessions will be incorporated into everything from internal communications to the way in which the College introduces itself to prospective medical students.


Radiology Faculty Manning Region's Most Advanced Scanner

Faculty from the Department of Radiology are now providing interpretive services for WestImage, an MR imaging center owned and operated by neurosurgeon Dr. Set. Shahbabian.  Dr. Shahbabian's scanner is the most advanced in the region.


IAIMS Moving Forward

IAIMS is a UCCOM initiative designed to bring digital technology to bear on some of the more perplexing communications issues facing us: namely, how to organize events and contact information into an easily searched, comprehensive database.  This is a Herculean task, but IAIMS is clearly the answer.  One of its deliverables, for example, will be a personalized Internet portal that delivers, to your desktop computer, a listing of all lectures and other events you have told IAIMS you'd be interested in hearing about, eliminating the time you spend sorting through pages and pages of text to find one event you want to attend.  This is an exciting program, and you'll be hearing more about it.

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