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Heimlich Institute Gifts Half Million to Support Hoxworth
The Hoxworth Center atrium recently spilled with well-wishers and admirers of Henry Heimlich, MD, noted Cincinnatian, inventor of the Heimlich maneuver and founder of the Heimlich Institute.
MARCH 2010

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'UCDR' Acts as Personal Concierge for Addressing Employee Medical Needs
"If you have a question about medical care or a problem accessing a doctor, call us and weíll do everything we can to help you resolve it today.Ē
College of Medicine Set to Revamp Curriculum
The College of Medicine has begun a comprehensive review, analysis and revision of the four-year medical school curriculum.
Blueberries May Help Improve Memory
Daily consumption of blueberries helps improve memory, a preliminary UC study suggests.The findings, based on a sample of nine older adults with early memory changes, establish a basis for comprehensive human clinical trials to determine whether blueberries are truly effective as a memory enhancer.
Military Medicine Institute Receives Grant to Study In-Flight Wound Care
With new funding from the United States Air Force, researchers at UCís Institute for Military Medicine will continue to investigate the best ways to treat injured soldiers in the theater of combat.
Facility Reprograms Stem Cells to Generate 'Healthy' Tissue
Reprogramming mature human cells so they can become any cell type in the body is a key focus of the new Pluripotent Stem Cell Facility at Cincinnati Childrenís Hospital Medical Center.
Detection Can Head Off Colon Cancer, But Too Many Ignore Its Symptoms
Colorectal cancer may not be as loudly discussed as heart disease or breast cancer, but itís just as prevalent and deadly says Richard Rood, MD, a UC Health digestive diseases expert.
Celebrating National Wear Red Day
More than 60 UC Health employees, adorned in all shades of red, attended the UC Health University Hospital and UC College of Medicineís National Wear Red Day event Feb. 5.
Nursing Names New Anesthesia Director
William Ray, PhD, is now the nurse anesthesia director at UCís College of Nursing. 
Micro Elements May Help Heart in Big Way
Youíve heard it before: Itís the small things that count. Usually, the saying is applied to simple acts of kindness done for a person by their significant other, a friend or family member. But Guo-Chang Fan, PhD, says it also applies to mechanisms in the body and ways that disease could be prevented by examining them more closely.
Third-Graders Get Research Lesson in Metabolic Diseases at UC
Third-grade students from Western Row Elementary School in Mason got to see what university research is all about during a recent field trip to UCís Metabolic Diseases Institute. 
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