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April 2010 Issue

Clinical trials are the last step in a carefully regulated, detailed scientific process that starts in a laboratory in cells or tissue and is then tested in humans.
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First-Ever 'Research Week' Planned to Recognize Hospital-Based Work

By Katy Cosse
Published April 2010

Every year, thousands of patients and staff at UC Health University Hospital volunteer to be in research studies (clinical trials).

From finding ways to treat the most severe diseases to exploring avenues to expand access to health care, hospital-based research helps improve the health and well-being of patients.

To recognize the contribution of doctors, nurses and patients, University Hospital’s Research Committee is organizing the inaugural University Hospital Research Week, to be held Monday, April 26, through Friday, April 30.

The committee’s intent is to raise awareness and appreciation of research conducted at the hospital. Members also hope to foster collaboration between researchers and clinicians and engage the hospital community in the research process.

"University Hospital has a long history with research,” says E. Steve Woodle, MD, transplantation division director and research committee member.

"We want to recognize research as one of the three legs of the hospital’s mission: education, patient care and research.”

The week will include presentations and displays of the wide array of ongoing hospital-based research. Researchers will be on hand throughout the week to answer questions and provide information about research at the hospital.

"We hope all disciplines will be represented,” says Christopher Lindsell, PhD, research committee chair and director of research in the emergency medicine department at UC.

"We want to show off the breadth of work being conducted at the hospital and get people talking about it.

"We touch so many lives with what we do, we want every person in the hospital to see the work they help to support, and to be proud of our research excellence.”

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