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Woman Saved From Prolonged Neurological Nightmare
The headline on the front page of the Cincinnati Enquirer included the words, "monster tumor.” A photo on the newspaper’s website showed a bug-eyed, hallucinating young woman. A video posted on YouTube showed her screaming and babbling incoherently.
MAY 2010

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Kicking the Habit: UC Researchers Test New 'Stop-Smoking' Vaccine
Many smokers want to end their habit but can’t seem to quit despite the availability of prescription and over-the-counter aids to smoking cessation such as pills, gum, patches and lozenges.
Allied Health Sciences, Nursing Expand to Clermont Campus
When UC begins offering classes at the newly expanded Clermont campus in fall 2010, nursing and physical therapy assisting programs will be among the initial course offerings.
Once-Troubled Teen Donates Kidney to Mentor
When describing his old self, Travis Durbin will just say that he wasn’t one of the good guys. Growing up, the North College Hill teenager dropped out of school and became involved in violent crowds. He says he was deceitful and had trouble with the law.
Medicine Rolls Out Proudly Pennies Campaign
"Transformation” was the theme as students, staff and faculty—many decked out in red and black attire—gathered in the CARE/ Crawley Building atrium on April 19 to celebrate the official rollout of the College of Medicine’s Proudly Pennies campaign.
Concern Still Prevalent Among Users of Popular Anti-Clotting Medication
In mid-March, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration added a warning label to the box of the anti-clotting drug Plavix, letting both patients and health professionals know that the drug can be less effective in people who cannot metabolize it correctly to make it active in the body.
UC Doc Gives City Council Lesson on Bystander CPR
UC Health recently partnered with the American Heart Association (AHA) and the Cincinnati Fire Department (CFD) to host a CPR training event for City of Cincinnati council members on April 14 at City Hall.
Region's Only Kidney/Pancreas Transplant Program Provides Life-Saving Service for UC Health Patients
Ice cream never tasted so good to Danyelle Brown, 38. "I’m not much of a sweets person, but if you hand me a bowl of ice cream … it’s gone,” she laughs. The pleasure in eating this favorite treat is two-fold for Brown because she was never able to eat what she wanted until eight months ago.
UC Professor Leads Charge to Set FDA Standards on Salt in Food
Reducing Americans’ excessive sodium consumption requires establishing new federal standards for the amount of salt that food manufacturers, restaurants and food service companies can add to their products, says a new report by the Institute of Medicine and requested by the U.S. Congress.
Minimally Invasive Brain Surgery Has Multiple Benefits, Study Finds
A minimally invasive endoscopic procedure holds promise for safely removing large brain tumors from an area at the bottom of the skull, near the sinus cavities, clinical researchers at the Brain Tumor Center at the UC Neuroscience Institute (UCNI) at University Hospital have found.
Program Tracks Doctors' Success in Delivering Care
Without that pop quiz from a teacher or the yearly evaluation from a boss, one may never know if they are truly learning or performing to their fullest potential.
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