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July 2010 Issue

Elizabeth King, PhD, Dean, College of Allied Health Sciences
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Allied Health Sciences Expands to Include Social Work School

By Katy Cosse
Published July 2010

As of July 1, the long-discussed merger of UC’s School of Social Work and the College of Allied Health Sciences was official. 

The move, endorsed by the UC Collegiate Restructuring Steering Com-mittee, was approved by the UC Board of Trustees at its June 2010 meeting.

"What’s most important is that the School of Social Work will maintain its school status within the college,” says College of Allied Health Sciences Dean Elizabeth King, PhD.

She says the college’s administrative committee changed its bylaws early in the merger process so that the school will have equal status as other allied health departments: "They were very open to welcoming the School of Social Work as equal partners.”

King says most of the planning for the merger has been completed by an implementation work group comprising faculty from both programs. During the meetings, the group formulated a new mission statement for the college, developed organization structures and suggested reappointment, promotion and tenure procedures.

Social work’s faculty, which includes 14 full-time and nine adjunct members, will remain in their offices in the French West Building on the main campus, according to School of Social Work Director Gerald Bostwick, PhD.

While students won’t see major changes right away, Bostwick says the merger will open possibilities for collaboration on grant writing, interdisciplinary courses and possibly dual degree programs.

"There’s also the possibility of a program in gerontology,” he says. "Social work has had a gerontology program for more than 10 years, and there’s been interest in developing a program for all students around geriatric care.”

While remaining administrative details will be continually worked out over the school year, King says she hopes faculty and student collaboration can start right away.

"Our faculty sees many synergies between the college and school,” says King. "Our core values and beliefs, as they relate to caring for others, are very similar. That foundation will serve us well.” 

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