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UC Health Makes Its Presence Known in New Era
The Health Alliance board of directors recently voted to begin conducting business Sept. 1 as UC Health. During the coming weeks, there will be increasing signs of activity within the university’s health system.

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Student-Athletes Pursue Medical Interests
Multitasking, skipping sleep, sacrificing your social life, making sure you’re at the top of your game at all times: Sounds like the life of a doctor or nurse, right? Maybe so, but it’s also an apt description of the life of a typical UC student-athlete—including many who have health-related majors or attend classes on the medical campus.
White Coat Presentation Welcomes Pharmacy Class
Nearly 100 first-year PharmD students— coming from nine states and 28 colleges and universities— are entering the UC James L. Winkle College of Pharmacy and will receive their white coats at 3 p.m. Tuesday, Sept. 21, in Kresge Auditorium.
Ideas Welcome in New Entrepreneurial Office
A twinkle in the eye—just the hint of an idea—is all some faculty have when they contact UC’s entrepreneurial and technology transfer experts."Some come with a very vague idea, others come with a fully formed idea and some even have a prototype ready,” says Geoffrey Pinski, director of the newly reorganized UC Office of Entrepreneurial Affairs and Technology Commercialization.
Patient Registry May Improve Crohn's Disease Treatments
A new clinical trial by UC Health inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) experts is looking at how a patient database can help physicians learn long-term effects associated with a certain anti-inflammatory medication used to treat Crohn’s disease.
Medical Student Sisters Count on Each Other and Their Classmates
When Sheila and Eva Boateng made their decisions on where to attend medical school, neither sister knew the other had chosen the UC College of Medicine. Now they’re both part of the Class of 2014, which arrived on the medical campus in August. At 170 students, it’s the largest class in recent years.
Hematology Oncology Team Refocused, Revitalized
In just over a year, UC’s hematology oncology division has gone through a major revitalization and continues tomake changes focused on providing comprehensive, multidisciplinary adult cancer care.
Patient Competes in U.S. Transplant Games
Jack Atkinson was 17 years old when he was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. "But when you’re young, you don’t really care,” he says. "I thought I was 10 feet tall and bulletproof.” He may not be bulletproof, but Atkinson, now 51 years old, has proven himself through two transplants, a host of complications and, now, two U.S. Transplant Games.
'Science on Wheels' Program Rolls Through Local Schools
What would happen if you put Bill Nye the Science Guy on the Magic School Bus? That’s akin to what educators at the UC College of Medicine, in collaboration with Cincinnati Public Schools (CPS) and Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center, are doing with this month’s launch of "Science on Wheels”—a fully equipped mobile lab that allows grade school students hands-on experimentation to complement their classroom instruction.
UC Serves as Hub for Local Diabetes, Obesity Care
Randy Seeley, PhD, calls diabetes and obesity "diseases of the 21st century.” "These diseases are not procedure-oriented, and comprehensive management can be complicated and isn’t always reimbursed well, so there’s not a lot of profit incentive to deliver the best possible care,” he says.
Student Research Project Leads to Diet Changes in Diabetes Care
Bedtime snacks are a bad idea for more than just your waistline. They’ve recently been taken out of rotation for the majority of patient with diabetes at UC Health University Hospital, aided by research by graduate students in the College of Allied Health Sciences Department of Nutritional Sciences.
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