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September 2010 Issue

Eva (right) and Sheila (left) Boateng
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Medical Student Sisters Count on Each Other and Their Classmates

Published September 2010

When Sheila and Eva Boateng made their decisions on where to attend medical school, neither sister knew the other had chosen the UC College of Medicine. "It was a coincidence; we actually decided separately that UC was the best choice for our medical education,” says Eva.

Now they’re both part of the Class of 2014, which arrived on the medical campus in August. At 170 students, it’s the largest class in recent years.

Sheila, the younger of the pair, feels their relationship did play a small part in their final choice. "We also did not neglect the fact that we could provide each other with an immense amount of support if we attended the same school.”

Reputation was the most significant factor attracting the Boatengs to Cincinnati. They had more than one glowing recommendation encouraging them to become part of this year’s incoming class.

"Everyone in our class has been really friendly so far. I am excited to work with them; I think there’s a lot we can learn from each other,” says Eva.

Sheila has the same sentiment for her new classmates. "I’m very optimistic about working with such a great group of individuals.”

Originally from Maryland, they’ve felt at home here from the beginning. Both enjoyed their admissions interviews and knew UC would be the right fit after such welcoming experiences.

Though the school year’s just begun, Eva can already tell her peers will contribute to her and her sister’s success and that the difficulties of being a first-year medical student will be eased by help from upperclassmen. "They’re willing to give advice and help first years in any way possible,” she says.

A graduate of Hampton University, Eva has known for some time she would pursue medicine. "I have always wanted to be a doctor, partly because my father was in the medical profession, and naturally, I aspired to be like him.”

Eva hopes to use the skills she acquires through the College of Medicine’s challenging curriculum to improve access to health care in underserved communities, whether it be in the United States or abroad.

Sheila, who completed her undergraduate studies at the University of Maryland Baltimore County, was not always as sure about her career path. "Great shadowing experiences, interesting science classes and some introspection” all contributed to her deciding to attend medical school.

While she hasn’t chosen a specialty yet, she is sure UC will provide her the scientific knowledge and bedside manner necessary to become a skilled doctor.


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