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October 2010 Issue

Simulation Center in the UC College of Medicine
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Simulation Center Celebrates 10 Years, Extends Outreach

By Angela Koenig
Published October 2010

There is no substitute for real-life experience, unless you visit the Simulation Center in the UC College of Medicine, where real-life scenarios are replicated for educational purposes.

Formerly called the Center for Competency Development and Assessment (CCDA), the center is now in its 10th year of operation. To celebrate the anniversary and formalize the name change, the Simulation Center staff is hosting an open house from 4 to 6 p.m. Tuesday, Oct. 26 in the Medical Sciences Building, Suite E-350.

"We believe our new name allows people to know who we are and what we do… education through simulation,” says Michael Sostok, MD, professor of clinical medicine and assistant dean of medical education.

The center’s resources include high-fidelity human simulators, which recreate life and death medical cases, task trainers, which are models of individual body parts to teach medical procedures, and standardized patients, people who portray a patient for medical students, residents, nurses and others.

"These resources help students gain the confidence they need to develop clinical skills in a safe environment,” says Sostok.

In addition to providing a clinical-teaching setting for all medical students, the center is used by residents, nursing, pharmacy and allied health sciences students.

The open house is also a way to extend an invitation to educators outside the Academic Health Center, to learn how the Simulation Center services can be adapted to assist learners in professions outside of medicine.

For more information on the open house or to find out more about using services at the Simulation Center, call (513) 558-7724.

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