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March 2011 Issue

Eleanor Glass
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Gearing Up for Match Day

By Angela Koenig
Published March 2011

**Update: Glass matched in the family medicine program at Christ Hospital.

Each year, graduating medical students at UC and across the country gather to learn where they will be completing their residency training. Students have applied for residency training in their programs of choice, hoping to "match” with their preferred hospital and specialty when the results are announced on Match Day, Thursday, March 17, 2011.

Fourth-year medical student Eleanor Glass, who hopes to match in family medicine, gives us her thoughts on the upcoming event.

What does match day mean to you and to medical students in general?
"Match day is the culmination of many years of hard work, and it’s finally a time to not just get through school but also to express what we want to do with our lives and what our goals are for our future careers. [It’s] a glimpse into both exciting and challenging years to come.”

What would you say to someone who doesn’t match where they want to go?

"I'm sure it would feel disappointing, but there are great scramble positions available, or a year off in research or a Masters in Public Health can be an excellent option, maybe even advantageous in the long run.”

Does location come into play?

"Location is a big factor. Lots of us have partners who need to look for jobs or families and friends somewhere who provide support. And location can be a great thing to look forward to, too. In jobs where we will be working long hours, proximity to a beach, a hiking trail or a great urban center is very attractive.”

Respond to this analogy: Match Day is to a graduating medical student like...

"Christmas morning is to a nine-year-old child. You know what you asked for, but you don't know what you're going to get. And you smile no matter what.”

The National Residency Matching Program (NRMP) serves as a venue for matching the program preferences of students with those of residency program directors. To learn more about residency matching,visit

heck out on March 17 to read more about the Match Day event and to hear the stories of other students, like Glass.

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