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May 2011 Issue

The MSB Rehabilitation Project work site as seen from the 10th floor of Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center's Location S, across Albert Sabin Way from the MSB.
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MSB REHAB UPDATE: Cooperation Essential for Upcoming Moves

Published May 2011

Communication. Collaboration. Cooperation. Adhering to these three C’s will be the key to success of upcoming moves.

College of Medicine faculty and staff who are currently residing in the northwest quadrant (Phase III) of the Medical Sciences Building (MSB) will be moving this fall into renovated areas of the building’s adjoining northeast quadrant (Phase II).

These moves are scheduled to start in September and continue through November. Their magnitude, complexity and short time frame require a great deal of planning, cooperation and coordination among numerous parties.

The MSB rehabilitation project, a four-phase expansion and renovation of teaching and research space on the medical campus, remains on schedule as it nears the transition from Phase II to Phase III.

That means the north side of the MSB (facing Albert Sabin Way) will be bustling as some faculty and staff move into Phase II areas and others move out of the northwest quadrant so work on Phase III can begin.

"We’ve been meeting with groups from the affected departments, reviewing drawings that show how the space will be reassigned,” says Lejla Zejnilovic, a planner in the office of planning, design and construction.

Phase I of the MSB rehabilitation project was construction of the Center for Academic and Research Excellence (CARE)/Crawley Building, which opened in August 2008. The focus of Phases II-IV is to rehabilitate the mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems of the MSB, which opened in 1974.
In addition, a fire suppression system is being added, central restrooms are being brought up to Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) standards, fume hoods are being replaced and improvements are being made to the fume hood exhaust system. Completion of the entire project is expected in 2015. Renovated central restrooms have been opened to the public on Levels 5, 6 and 7, and the remaining central restrooms will continue to be renovated approximately every 10 weeks.

These restrooms will be larger to comply with ADA standards.

"We are having face-to-face meetings with representatives from each department,” Zejnilovic says. "It’s important that everybody understands the move process and what can and cannot be done. Requests for alterations in Phase II areas, for example, are unrealistic at this point because the schedule won’t allow for that.”

"Each department will identify a move coordinator,” Zejnilovic adds. "This person will serve as a liaison between the department’s faculty and staff and the office of planning, design and construction. After initial planning meetings, the departmental move coordinator will continue meeting with the project’s move manager to develop more specifics and details.

"Each department will be provided with move instructions, including handouts for packing along with checklists for biosafety and environmental health and safety. The goal of this process is for the moves to proceed as smoothly as possible.”

Work on Phase III is expected to begin in early 2012 and last for 11 months. Meetings are continuing with occupants of Level III areas to ease their transition to new offices and labs elsewhere on the medical campus.

For more information and the latest updates, check out the MSB rehabilitation project’s page on the College of Medicine’s website at

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