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July 2003 Issue

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Changes to the Health Sciences Library

Published July 2003

The Health Sciences Library will be getting a complete face-lift as part of phase one of the renovation of the Medical Sciences Building (MSB). During the two years scheduled to complete phase one, it is important for the library to be maintained as an effective resource for faculty and students at UC. This process will be smoothed with the use of the large amount of digital technology already in place.

"While we've already made great strides and are one of the most digital health sciences libraries in the country, this renovation gives us the opportunity to extend our electronic services even more," said Roger Guard, assistant senior vice president for Medical Center Academic Information Technology & Libraries (AIT&L). "Over 3,600 medical and health journals are fully digital. And more and more journals and books are becoming digital all the time."

  • What will happen to the computers on the E-level?
    The computer workstations and support staff located on the E-level of the library will be moved to the MSB service area near the connection to The University Hospital. This move is scheduled for fall 2003. The area will be redesigned to accommodate the computers and will include carpeting.
  • Where will all the books go?
    The book collection and its support staff will be temporarily relocated to the Genome Research Institute. All book requests can be made online and books will be delivered within 24 hours. This location will also be available to faculty, staff, and students for browsing.
  • And new journal issues?
    Recent, unbound issues of journals will be housed on the 1st floor of Wherry Hall (currently the first floor of the Cincinnati Medical Heritage Center). This will also be the interim location for the reference collection and browsing room collections, as well as the staff that supports these services.
  • And older bound journals?
    Bound journals will continue to reside on the R-level of the library, but because of construction constraints, access will be limited to library staff. The library will provide free pull and copy service for individual articles and will retrieve entire volumes as needed. Articles will be delivered electronically to the requestor.
  • What about the reserve collection?
    The reserve collection will remain on the E-level in the MSB service area with the computer workstations. This will also be the temporary location for audiovisual equipment and services.
  • What about the electronic classroom?
    The electronic classroom will remain in its current location until the new permanent electronic classroom is ready for occupancy in early 2004. The new electronic classroom will be located near the computer lab in the MSB service area.

Cincinnati Medical Heritage Center
The Cincinnati Medical Heritage Center (CMHC) may be the best-kept secret at the UC Medical Center. The library houses over 35,000 rare and classical works on the history of medicine dating from 1500 to 1920 and a modern circulating history of medicine collection. With its extensive collections of books, journals, archives, photographs, medical instruments, equipment, and artifacts, this Cincinnati-based center qualifies as one of the best in the Midwest.

The renovation of the MSB will give the CMHC a new front door. While the majority of its collections will remain in Wherry Hall, the face of the CMHC will be in the Health Science Library on the E-Level of the MSB, with a separate entrance near the Kresge Auditorium. The move will coincide with the renovation of this level of the MSB. The newly designed space will house displays of medical artifacts and rare books and will be an inviting area to host visitors to the UC Medical Center.

The CMHC will continue to offer the following resources and services:
  • History of the development of medical schools in Cincinnati (twenty-three in the 19th Century)
  • An oral history videotape series of famous local physicians and scientists
  • The development of hospitals in Cincinnati
  • Access to the Cincinnati Hospital patient records, 1837- 1881
  • A searchable history of medicine by subject, person or organization
  • Assistance with research in the history of medicine for scholars, news and television media, authors, students and faculty
  • Medical alumni records are available to answer questions of past physicians and their training and further research is provided if the physician was not a UC graduate
  • Expert on-line searching

During phase one of the MSB renovation, the CMHC collections that are on the basement levels will remain in Wherry Hall. Hours are by appointment. During the two-year renovation period, the collections that are on the CMHC's first floor will have new homes. Most of the circulating book collection will be housed at the Genome Research Institute, where faculty, staff, and students may browse. These books are searchable via UCLID, the UC electronic library catalog. Requested books will be delivered within 24 hours. Many of the museum pieces will be displayed at various locations on and off campus. The remainder will be stored in secure locations. For more information about the CMHC, or to make an appointment, contact Doris Haag at 558-5123, e-mail, or visit

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