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August 2003 Issue

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UC Medical Center Faculty in Recent National News

Published August 2003

News from the UC Medical Center appears in local and national news sources and scientific publications on a regular basis. Below is short list of the recent media and scientic journal coverage.

Bonnie Brehm, PhD, assistant professor in the College of Nursing, David D'Alessio, MD, assistant professor of endocrinology, Stephen Woods, PhD, professor in the Department of Psychiatry, and Randy Seeley, PhD, assistant professor of psychiatry, are all affiliated with the UC Center for Obesity Research. They coauthored a paper published in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology about high-protein diets. Dr. Brehm was quoted in The Washington Post, and similar versions of this report appeared in HealthScout News-Medical, and Healthnews-Health 24.

Joseph Broderick, MD, professor and chair of the UC Department of Neurology, was quoted in the Fort Wayne News-Sentinel about a study of a family link to brain aneurysms. According to a report on, Dr. Broderick and other researchers from UC are participating in this five-year international study. Laura Sauerbeck, clinical nurse coordinator, neurology, was quoted July 15 on about the same study. Dr. Broderick is leading this study, which is funded by the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke. Both Sauerbeck and Dr. Broderick were quoted in a news report about the research that appeared on

Robert Cohen, MD, professor of endocrinology, could be heard on June 11 on WMUB National Public Radio discussing diabetes. In the same report Dr. Cohen discussed the national ACCORD study.

Lique Coolen, PhD, assistant professor in the Department of Cell Biology, Neurobiology and Anatomy, was quoted in Science Blog, Reuters, Yahoo! and Eurekalert about her study of cells that control sexual response in males.

Kenji Fukasawa, PhD, assistant professor in the Department of Cell Biology, Neurobiology and Anatomy, was quoted in Science Daily in an article about his research with centrosome abnormalities and cancer.

Margery Gass, MD, professor, OB/Gyn, president of the North American Menopause Society, and principal investigator of the WomenÕs Health Initiative, co-authored two papers about the effects of hormone therapy that appeared in the May 28 issue of the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA). Dr. Gass was also quoted in More magazine, The Washington Post, Associated Press wire service and CNNmoney.

David Hui, PhD, professor, pathology, and vice chair of research, was quoted by the Dallas Morning News and WFAA-TV about his study that pinpoints an artery plaque promoter.

Ed Jauch, MD, assistant professor, emergency medicine, was quoted in the Desert Valley News about the need for quick treatment following the onset of stroke.

Paul Keck, MD, professor of psychiatry, was recently quoted in Yahoo! Finance, and Lycos! Online about a new psychiatric drug.

Evangelina Kranias, PhD, professor of pharmacology and cell biophysics, appeared in the June 6 issue of Science magazine in an article titled "How to subdue a swelling heart."

Grace LeMasters, PhD, was interviewed by WMUB National Public Radio about receiving the Silver Medal from the Secretary of Defense.

Susan McElroy, MD, associate professor, psychiatry, was quoted in the New York Times in an article about two anti-epilepsy drugs that have been shown to help people with severe eating disorders.

Henry Nasrallah, MD, professor of psychiatry and associate dean of the UC College of Medicine, was quoted on Hoover's Online, Yahoo! Finance, and National Hispanic about how psychiatrists are concerned about diabetes-related and other metabolic adverse effects associated with some of the most widely prescribed antipsychotic medicines.

Michael Thomas, MD, associate professor of OB/Gyn at the UC College of Medicine chaired the Association of Reproductive Health Professionals, based in Washington, DC, to give women and their doctors a quick reference for getting back in shape after childbirth. Called the "Six-week Post-delivery Planner," it can be downloaded from the Internet at It quickly covers such topics as maternal diet, nutrition, exercise and physical, emotional and sexual needs. Information on the guide appeared in the July 15 Arizona Republic and It also appeared in Black Enterprise Magazine, Lycos Finance-Raging Bull, Interest Alert, PR Newswire, Pinnacor, Popular Mechanics, Yahoo! Finance, WomenÕs Financial Network Online, Market Wire, and CNNMoney.

Joel Tsevat, MD, MPH, associate professor, Institute for Health Policy and Health Services Research, was quoted by EurekAlert!, ABC online, Yahoo!, Atlanta Constitution,, CNN, Healthscout, and Reuters about how one-third of HIV patients often perceive a higher quality of life after diagnosis.

Gregg Warshaw, MD , professor and director of Geriatric Medicine in the Department of Family Medicine, was quoted on CBSMarketwatch on June 12 about the predicted shortage of healthcare workers for the increasing aging populations.

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