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October 2003 Issue

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Global Health Conference

Published October 2003

The UC College of Medicine Department of Family Medicine, the UC College of Nursing, and the medical missionary group, Shoulder to Shoulder, held a Global Health Conference September 26-27 for physicians, nurses and health care providers to discuss the practical aspects of medical missions.

The program began with a presentation titled "Introduction to Healthcare in Poor Countries," by Jeff Heck, MD, director of UC's International Health Program, professor of family medicine and director of Shoulder to Shoulder. Tina Weitkamp, MSN, associate professor, UC College of Nursing; and Andrea Lindell, DNSc, dean of the UC College of Nursing, also presented opening remarks.

Other Friday presentations included "Dermatology in Warm Climates" by Viziam Chetty, MD, volunteer professor; "Depression: The Most Neglected Cause of Disability in the World" by Lawson Wulsin, MD, associate professor of psychiatry; "HIV-A Global Crisis" by Bruce Gebhardt, MD, associate professor of family medicine; and "Intestinal Parasites" by Mark Huntington, PhD, adjunct professor.

Saturday's presentations included "Care of Women in Poor Countries" by Candace Kugel, CRNP, adjunct professor; "Malaria and Travel Medicine" by Dr. Heck; "Nutritional Disorders" by Philip Diller, MD, PhD, associate professor; "Oral Health" by Arthur Ranz, DDS, oral surgeon; "Tuberculosis" by Edward Zuroweste, MD; "Running a Health Brigade with Limited Resources" by Virginia Dornheggen, RN; and "Life in a Developing Country" by Fidelina Gehner.

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