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November 2003 Issue

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UC's Genome Research Institute Is Officially "Open for Business"

Published November 2003

Governor Bob Taft gave the keynote presentation when the UC Genome Research Institute(GRI) officially opened its doors for a cadre of world-class researchers. The GRI, founded in 2001 with the donation of its current laboratory complex by Aventis Pharmaceuticals, is home to scientists researching the genetic basis of some of the world's most serious and prevalent diseases including obesity, heart disease and cancer.

Unique partnerships with Wright State University, Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center, Meridian Bioscience, Girindus America, Procter & Gamble Pharmaceuticals, the Air Force Research Lab, and Acero, will aid in the translation of scientific research to the commercialization of drugs and diagnostics.

The GRI, led by David Millhorn, Phd and made possible by large gifts including $9 million from the Biomedical Research and Technology Transfer (BRTT) Commission's Partnership Award Program from the State of Ohio, is a major driver of the 28 percent increase in external research funding for fiscal year 2003 at the UC Medical Center.

"GRI intends to aid existing biotech companies and found new ones which will commercialize technologies it develops, particularly drugs and diagnostics," said David Millhorn, PhD, director of the GRI. "Additional future growth will come from NIH-funded projects, Air Force collaborations, state BRTT funds and private industry collaborators. In the long term, GRI would expect to share in the revenues from research-based products which are commercialized."

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