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December 2003 Issue

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Medical Center Faculty Honored for Years of Service

Published December 2003

College of Allied Health Sciences

20 years
Rose L. Smith, MED, Department of Rehabilitation Sciences

College of Medicine

20 years
George F. Babcock, PhD, Surgery
Paul S. Bellet, MD, Pediatrics
David I. Bernstein, MD, Pediatrics
William T. Chance, PhD, Surgery
Mitchell B. Cohen, MD, Pediatrics
George S. Deepe, Jr, MD, Internal Medicine
Lawrence M. Dolan, MD, Pediatrics
Jerry Friemoth, MD, Family Medicine
Alson L. Greiner, MD, Neurosurgery
Nader Husseinzadeh, MD, Obstetrics & Gynecology
Shahrokh Javaheri, MD, Internal Medicine
Michael Lieberman, PhD, Molecular Genetics, Biochemistry & Microbiology
Grace K. Lemasters, PhD, Environmental Health
Diana McIntosh, MS, Psychiatry
Rakesh Shukla, PhD, Environmental Health
Tariq Siddiqi, MD, Obstetrics & Gynecology
Eric J. Wall, MD, Orthopaedic Surgery
Kathryn E. Wedig, MD, Pediatrics
Robert G. Wones, MD, Internal Medicine
Hwa-Shain Yeh, MD, Neurosurgery

25 years
Muhammad Ashraf, PhD, Pathology and Laboratory Medicine
Diane S. Babcock, MD, Radiology
William F. Balistreri, MD, Pediatrics
H. Stephen Bjornson, MD, PhD, Surgery
Robert S. Franco, PhD, Internal Medicine
Jean F. Harrington, MD, Anesthesia
Charles L. Heaton, MD, Dermatology
Carolyn B. Hollan, MS, Radiology
Evangelina G. Kranias, PhD, Pharmacology & Cell Biophysics
Charles F. Margolis, MD, Family Medicine
Ronald W. Millard, PhD, Pharmacology & Cell Biophysics
James C. Phero, DMD, Anesthesia
C. Frederic Strife, MD, Pediatrics
Ravi Subbiah, PhD, Internal Medicine
Alexander Trott, MD, Emergency Medicine
Charles V. Vorhees, PhD, Pediatrics
Jeffrey A. Whitsett, MD, Pediatrics

30 years
Patricia T. Brown, PhD, Cell Biology, Neurobiology & Anatomy
Robin T. Cotton, MD, Otolaryngology, Head & Neck Surgery
Henry Johnston, MD, Anesthesia
Marian L. Miller, PhD, Environmental Health
John A. Morrison, PhD, Pediatrics
Albert F. Muhleman, MD, Internal Medicine
Jayant P. Patkar, MD, Anesthesia
Amadeo J. Pesce, PhD, Pathology and Laboratory Medicine
Janet L. Strife, MD, Radiology
Arden H. Wander, MD, Ophthalmology

35 years
Kevin E. Bove, MD, Pathology and Laboratory Medicine

College of Nursing

20 years
Marcia J. Hern, EdD, Department of Parent/Child Nursing

25 years
Sally C. Dunn, MN, Department of Adult Health Nursing

30 years
Janice M. Dyehouse, PhD, Department of Community, Administrative & Psychiatric Nursing

College of Pharmacy

20 years
Kenneth A. Skau, PhD, Department of Pharmacy Instruction

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