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January 2004 Issue

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Stephen Page Named Fellow of the American Stroke Association

Published January 2004

Stephen Page, PhD, director of research and assistant professor of physical medicine and rehabilitation at the UC College of Medicine, was named a fellow of the American Stroke Association. This award was given to Dr. Page for his work in the development and testing of new interventions to improve motor function after stroke, and for his service to the American Heart Association as a grants and manuscripts reviewer. He has received several grants to continue funding his research on stroke in conjunction with Drake Hospital and Rehabilitation Center.

Dr. Page also recently co-edited a special issue of Brain Injury concerning neuroplasticity after traumatic brain injury (TBI). The issue compiled articles from experts across the country on how the brain reorganizes after TBI, and how certain drugs and other interventions can enhance plasticity and subsequent motor function. Brain Injury is the official research journal of the International Brain Injury Association.

Dr. Page is the program co-chair for the 2004 Combined Meeting of the American Congress of Rehabilitation Medicine (ACRM) and the American Society of Neurorehabilitation (ASNR), to be held in Punta Verde, Florida. It will be the third joint meeting between the two, rehabilitation-focused organizations. Dr. Page previously was the membership chair for ACRM, which is the world's largest rehabilitation research organization.

Dr. Page works with individuals with stroke and incomplete spinal cord injuries (individuals in which the spinal cord is only partially severed). Prior to his arrival at UC in August 2002, Dr. Page spent several years at the Kessler Institute for Rehabilitation, where Christopher Reeve, Dudley Moore, Ben Vereen, and others performed their rehabilitation.

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