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March 2004 Issue

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What's All the Academic Planning Fuss About?

Published March 2004

I’m so immersed in the University of Cincinnati’s Comprehensive Academic Planning Process (CAPP)– as are UC’s Vice Presidents, Deans and other stakeholder representatives – that it is sometimes hard to imagine that there might be some members of the university community who are not yet aware of it. And even those who are aware of and actively engaged in the process may have questions about it: Why are we pursuing this time-consuming and labor-intensive effort? What’s it got to do with me? What’s it got to do with the Medical Center?

In regards to the “why are we doing this” question, it would be easier if the answer was a simple, if heavy-handed, “because I said so.” But in truth, I cannot take credit for the process or the idea. The concept was raised throughout the search for UC’s successor to Joseph Steger. The desire for a comprehensive UC vision was expressed to me both by members of the Board of Trustees and members of the Search and Screen Committee. The time seems right for us to get our collective heads together, let our stakeholders speak up and plan for our future. In addition, the need to plan for our future becomes even more imperative given the budgetary concerns that the university faces.

Just as there is no easy answer to “why,” there are no simple answers to the questions about what this comprehensive vision has do with the Medical Center and the people who make up the East Campus community. The Medical Center, after all, has had vision processes of its own, including the latest Millennium Plan. The university’s current planning process must, of course, draw from and build upon the existing plans that the Medical Center is pursuing.

Given the limits of space, I would like to focus on three important reasons that I believe make the Comprehensive Academic Planning Process an essential process for Medical Center participation:

I encourage you to keep up-to-date with CAPP by using the Web site at Without you, the process will be incomplete.

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