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March 2004 Issue

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Life Sciences, Biotech Institutions Meet to Set Cincinnati Apart

Published March 2004

The Ohio Valley Affiliates for Life Sciences (OVALS) was created to provide a forum for discussing economic development opportunities within a more broadly defined region. OVALS, led by UC, will sponsor its second annual conference “Life Sciences Without Boundaries: Leveraging Resources...Converging Interests,” March 8-9 at the Brown Hotel in Louisville, Ky.

The 2004 conference will focus on opportunities, strategies, and issues related to universities, federal laboratories, and industries working together. Nationally known keynote speakers and presenters will discuss future economic development trends in life sciences and biotechnology, focusing on blending cultures across the different types of institutions to promote the economic development of Cincinnati and the Ohio Valley region.

“There is an escalating recognition that universities play a major role in attracting related businesses and industries to the region and creating new jobs, which translates into other economic benefits, such as increased tax revenues and increased consumer spending,” said Dorothy Air, PhD, associate senior vice president for entrepreneurial affairs at the UCMedical Center. “The OVALS initiative is generating increasing interest and demonstrates that when universities, economic development entities and industry work together, significant results can be achieved.”

The OVALS alliance includes UC, the University of Kentucky, the University of Louisville, Wright State University and the Air Force Research Laboratory along with Bio/Start, CincyTechUSA, Health Enterprise Network of Louisville and Lexington United. These groups aligned to increase regional visibility for existing life sciences assets; open new opportunities for collaboration across research institutions, industry and federal labs; and expand and create new regional economic development initiatives in the life sciences arena. OVALS serves in a facilitative role to promote scientific collaboration across the five research institutions and among related industry and economic development groups in order to expand research directions, open new funding avenues and increase the commercial potential of new technologies. For more information, visit

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