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UC Heart & Vascular Patients Grow New Coronary Arteries
Three patients at UC and The University Hospital have grown new coronary arteries after receiving a growth factor protein (FGF1) in November 2003.
New Technologies Improve Internal Communication
Following the recommendations of a taskforce of communication professionals convened last year, a number of new communication vehicles have been created to celebrate the accomplishments and inform the community about great work being done by UC College of Medicine faculty, staff and students.
Department of Family Medicine Receives Grant to Help Homeless
The Andrew Jergens Foundation has granted $20,000 to the UC Department of Family Medicine and Cincinnati's Interfaith Hospitality Network (IHN), a local homeless family shelter.
Nursing Receives Scholarship Grant
The Helene Fuld Health Fund Foundation has awarded the UC College of Nursing a scholarship grant in the amount of $547,000 to support nursing students in financial need.
2004 Health Care Heroes Awards Dinner
Congratulations to those at the UC Medical Center who were honored at the Health Care Heroes Awards Dinner on Feb. 19, sponsored by the Cincinnati Business Courier.
Data Shows New Drug, Rimonabant, Helps Smokers Quit While Limiting Post-Cessation Weight Gain
Researchers at the UC College of Medicine recently presented results of one of the largest smoking cessation trials ever conducted in the United States, STRATUS-US (STudies with Rimonabant And Tobacco USe).
High-Risk Heart Conditions Treated Less Aggressively in Women than Men
According to an analysis of more than 35,000 patients, women entering a hospital with acute coronary syndrome (ACS) were less likely than men to receive many medications that have been shown to improve clinical outcomes and save lives.
UC Research Reveals Key Celluar Function
The enzyme that ensures cells undergo normal, programmed death is also necessary for proper formation of the embryo, according to an article that appeared in the December 2003 issue of the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS).
March Day 2004
Expectations were high this year as graduating students from the UC College of Medicine, along with other fourth-year medical students across the country, learned which teaching hospital throughout the United States they were matched up with for residency training.
Research Reconfirms Early Treatment with t-PA Best for Stroke Patients
The importance of starting the clot-busting drug t-PA as quickly as possible after stroke onset was demonstrated by a combined analysis of six previous stroke trials that appeared in the March 6 issue of The Lancet.
UC's Genetic Counseling Program Awarded Funding from NIH
The graduate program in genetic counseling within the UC College of Allied Health Sciences has received funding for a program titled "Changing the Face of the Genetic Counseling Profession."
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