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April 2004 Issue

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New Technologies Improve Internal Communication

Published April 2004

The UC College of Medicine is full of busy people. Important work performed here by clinicians, researchers and administrators focuses on educating students, caring for patients and pursuing breakthroughs in medical research. And the grades the college receives in these areas - from the lab bench to the bedside - show that the quality of work is exemplary.

Following the recommendations of a taskforce of communication professionals convened last year, a number of new communication vehicles have been created to celebrate the accomplishments and inform the community about great work being done by UC College of Medicine faculty, staff and students.

"The goal of our efforts has been to disseminate information, encourage collaboration in our clinical and research missions, and to recognize our areas of excellence, and our successes," said William J. Martin, II, MD, dean of the UC College of Medicine.

Among the first of these communication vehicles was The Dean's List, an e-mailed, online newsletter that has turned into a must-read news source for more than 5,500 UC faculty, staff and students. The publication is e-mailed to a list of subscribers each Monday, and is formatted to be a quick and interesting read.

In March, after more than six months of preparation, the College of Medicine unveiled its newest and most ambitious internal communications initiative: the College of Medicine News Network (often shortened to COM Net). COM Net broadcasts College of Medicine TV programming to large LCD screens mounted on levels E, G and 1 of the MSB. Program content includes slides, photos, and news video segments. Other components of COM Net broadcasts include current news updates from Associated Press, and intermittent local weather updates.

"Both The Dean's List and COM Net were created in response to the needs expressed by our internal constituents," said Gregory Rouan, MD, Department of Internal Medicine, who co-chaired the communication task force with John Tew, MD. "Enhancing internal communication is key to celebrating our successes and promoting collaboration."

Individuals within the university can submit ideas for future COM Net broadcasts by e-mailing their suggestions to

"What we have achieved so far is creating the nucleus of an internal communications program befitting the College's status as one of the finest medical schools in the country. Right now we can only see the tip of the iceberg on what The Dean's List and COM Net might achieve as they evolve," said Dr. Martin.

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