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May 2004 Issue

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Soundbites from "Creating the Future"

Published May 2004

On People

"Our recruitment efforts continue to bring exceptional faculty and staff to the Medical Center. This past year, we recruited 131 new faculty and staff for our core programs. These fresh faces, coupled with the wisdom and savvy of many of our old hands, have already provided spectacular results."

On Education

"I am also very pleased to report that at a time of local, regional and national shortage in the health professional work force, our colleges are doing their part to not only increase enrollment (with highly qualified applicants), but to diversify their offerings to answer the needs of new fields."

"Each college is now offering, or has plans on the books to explore, distance learning opportunities. We may someday have alums who never set foot on our campus, but through clicks, not bricks, they will have been educated and trained by the same faculty with the same curriculum, and will likely be just as loyal to their respective colleges, for their preparation will be excellent."

On Partnership

 "Federal and state support is vital to our success, but we also need the backing from private foundations and individuals. To make sure our work is converted to the reality that will positively impact patients' health and well-being, we will continue to partner with those in the business community."

"We will continue to address many of the nation's most serious health problems - along with our partners from Meridian Labs, Sun MicroSystems, Ethicon Endo-Surgery and Acero to name but a few."

On Patient Care

 "Although we no longer own University Hospital or the clinics, this doesn't mean for a moment that we don't need excellent clinical facilities in order to care for our patients, train our students and house staff and conduct research."

"A university's health care delivery system must deliver not only state-of-the-art care, but must be capable of developing the platforms upon which tomorrow's system will function, and we are doing just that."

On Research

 "Many of you were responsible for the growth in funding of the Medical Center research program (28.4 percent) we reported last fall. I've had a sneak peak at the end of the third quarter, and if we keep pace with our historically high fourth quarter, we are in for another year of smashing success." "Thanks to your efforts, you have made it an impossibilty for me to expand on all the grants we received, for there are nearly 600 of them. It is satisfying to know that our research portfolio is diverse, as it should be, in the sources of funding.

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