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Once-Heralded Obesity Research Called into Question
UC scientists might have dashed hopes for a new, natural weight-loss treatment reported recently by British researchers. The Medical Center team says that repeated studies have failed to reproduce the findings, claimed in the British report, that the gastrointestinal hormone PYY3-36 decreases appetite and weight gain in rodents.
New Center to Improve Tristate Diabetes Care
UC has opened the first comprehensive adult diabetes center in the Tristate.
Allied Health Students Win Academic Student Bowl
The Clinical Laboratory Sciences Student Organization in the College of Allied Health Sciences won the Academic Student Bowl competition at the annual Ohio Society for Clinical Laboratory Science (OSCLS) meeting.
New Vaccine Tested Against Prostate Cancer
A new study at the UC Medical Center could bring hope to men who don't respond well to hormone therapy for prostate cancer.
New Brain Hemorrhage Treatment has Cincinnati Connection
Medical Center scientists played a key role in developing what may prove to be the first effective treatment for brain hemorrhage caused by stroke.
University Hospital Named In Top 100
The University Hospital was recently named one of Solucient's top 100 hospitals nationwide in the major teaching hospitals category.
Hormone Therapy Could Raise Stroke Risk
Contrary to popular belief, hormone replacement therapy in women not only fails to reduce loss of memory and brain function (dementia) usually associated with Alzheimer's disease, it actually increases it.
Women's Health Study Probes Depression
With women twice as likely to suffer from depression as men, researchers continue to ask why they are so vulnerable and seek new medications to treat the widespread problem.
PM&R Researchers Study How Brain Reroutes Movement Controls
UC Medical Center scientists are using the latest imaging technology to determine how the brain manages to "change its mind" after certain paralyzing injuries, essentially rerouting its own neural network so that the legs can relearn how to function after injury.
2004 Gold and Silver Apple Awards
Bruce Giffin, PhD, field service professor in the Department of Cell Biology, Neurobiology and Anatomy, has been nominated by first-year medical students to receive the College of Medicine's Gold Apple Award.
College of Medicine Updates Web Site
The College of Medicine recently launched a new look and feel for its Web site, adding new features to help visitors navigate the pages.
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