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Partnership Showcase UC's Research and Innovation
Research and innovation at UC come in all shapes, sizes —and yes, even smells. Jim Eliassen, PhD, assistant professor of psychiatry and associate director of UC’s Center for Imaging Research, has teamed up with Robert Frank, PhD, professor and director of the taste and smell lab in the department of psychology, to learn more about how our brain responds to smell.
APRIL 2006

Medical Students Get 'Matched'
UC College of Medicine seniors were among 15,000 upcoming physicians nationwide to participate in the March 16 national “Match Day,” an annual event that informs students where they will spend their residency training.
Scientific Skin-Care Plan Can Reduce Damage
When it comes to your skin care, taking a scientific approach may be just what the doctor ordered. UC cosmetic surgeons say adopting a skin-care plan based on scientific measurements can improve the look and feel of your skin, without disrupting your life.
New Blood Filter Technology at Hoxworth Sweeps Bad Cholesterol Clean
It began with a routine physical that included a blood test for cholesterol levels. The results came back showing ominous levels of cholesterol, in the form of high-density lipoprotein and the dangerous low-density lipoprotein (LDL)— indicating high risk for heart attack or stroke.
Research Gives New Clues for Improving Young Physicians' Health
Medical residency could arguably be one of the most intense experiences during a young doctors career. Popular television shows—sensational or not—have brought the lives of these trainees and their seemingly endless work schedules right into our living rooms.
Incontinence Embarrassing, but Treatable
UC colorectal health experts say that millions of people live with the partial or complete loss of bowel movement control because they are too embarrassed to seek help.
Study Questions Benefits of Calcium and Vitamin D Supplements
Calcium and vitamin D supplements can provide a modest benefit in preventing bone loss and hip fractures, a new study finds, but they dont deliver on an earlier hope that they can also reduce the risk of colorectal cancer.
New Programs Strengthen Diabetes Management
UC’s Diabetes Center is offering three programs this year—in May, August and November—to assist primary-care physicians with diabetes management for their patients.
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