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August 2006 Issue

First-year nursing students Traci Irving (left) and Amber Nixon recently received scholarships to attend UC College of Nursing from University Hospital and the college.
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UC, University Hospital Reward Incoming Nursing Students

Published August 2006

Three first-year nursing students are receiving awards to help pay for their education, thanks to University Hospital (UH), UC College of Nursing and the 10th annual Cincinnatus Scholarship competition.

Each year, UH and the college present scholarships to minority students who are pursuing their nursing education at UC. This year’s recipients are Traci Irving and Amber Nixon. Irving, a Shroder Paideia Academy graduate, will receive $40,000 over four years, funded by the hospital. A volunteer at Good Samaritan Hospital, she plans to become a neonatal nurse.

Nixon will receive $10,000 over four years, funded by UH and the College of Nursing. The Gilbert A. Dater High School graduate plans to be a pediatric nurse.

A student who will enter the UC College of Nursing this fall was among a record number of 2,094 people who competed in this year’s annual Cincinnatus Scholarship competition, which evaluates an applicant’s academic excellence and commitment to and participation in community service.

Samuel Matson is the first student entering the UC College of Nursing to win one of the 10 full awards—$72,000 to pay for tuition, fees, room and board and books.

In deciding to attend UC, Matson says, “The UC nursing program is one of the best in the country. I like the location of the campus and how there’s always something to do. I also like the mix of people who attend UC.” Matson is joining the UC Honors Scholars program for academically talented students.

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