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September 2006 Issue

Randy Wickett, PhD, sits by a 3-roll mill which disperses pigments in color cosmetics.
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UC Offers New Online Cosmetic Program

Published September 2006

The first in the United States to have graduate programs that emphasize cosmetic science, the UC College of Pharmacy is now offering what is believed to be the first distance-learning degree program in this specialty.  

“Most people working in the cosmetics industry have their undergraduate degree in either chemistry or biology,” says Randy Wickett, PhD, professor in the College of Pharmacy and director of the cosmetic science program. “They haven’t had any specific training on how to formulate and measure the effects of products on the skin and hair.”

According to Wickett, students interested in the graduate cosmetic science program often work full time and may travel frequently, which can make it difficult to participate in a traditional graduate program.

“People from all over the country have asked me how they can participate in courses taught by UC faculty without actually living in Cincinnati and coming to campus,” says Wickett.

“The distance-learning program is an excellent option for them. They’ll be getting the same quality training, and they can complete coursework online at a time and location convenient for them.”

Students will only be required to travel to UC twice, for about two days, during their graduate training. The college offers both a master’s of science and a doctorate in pharmaceutical sciences with an emphasis in cosmetic science; however, only the master’s program will be offered online.

The first student graduated from the college’s cosmetic science program in 1974, and Wickett hopes the first class of students in the new distance-learning program, which begins in the fall, will graduate in 2008.

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