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National 'Women in Medicine' Exhibit Makes a Tour Stop in Cincinnati
Jane Henney, MD, has always wanted to be a doctor. Even as a young child growing up in Woodburn, Ind., she remembers “taking care” of an older woman in her neighborhood with one of her friends. While her friend was always the nurse, Henney played the doctor—a bold move considering medicine was not a profession considered “suitable” for women at that time.

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UC Gears Up for Major NIH Grant Application
Medical research has long been the focus of the National Institutes of Health (NIH). But in 2002, the organization issued a “roadmap” for its future, outlining new priorities for the 21st century.
Nursing Programs Help Recruit, Retain Minority Students
Deasa Dorsey grew up “surrounded by medicine.” Her mother is a nurse, her father is in pharmaceutical sales. Given her parents’ influence, Dorsey thought it was  inevitable she would pursue a career in science.
Dual-Acting Topical Gel May Stop Acne Outbreaks
UC dermatologists are testing a new topical gel designed to reduce abnormal clogging of the pores while simultaneously fighting off certain bacterial infections linked to severe acne development.
Medical Students Find Balance in Mentoring Local Children
Studying to be a doctor can consume a student's life. But a group of medical students at UC have found a way to spend a bit of their free time away from the books. More than 100 students volunteer with UC Med Mentors--an organization that pairs medical students with children from one of Cincinnati's public schools.
Snail Venom Painkiller Helps Chronic Sufferers
A drug inspired by a tiny sea snail that stuns its prey with deadly venom is now being used in the Greater Cincinnati area to help people suffering from severe chronic pain.
Recognizing 20 Years of AIDS
Judith Feinberg, MD, Peter Frame, MD, and Carl Fichtenbaum, MD, show off a city proclamation that acknowledged the UC Infectious Diseases Center’s 20th anniversary. The center held a ceremony on Dec. 1 to recognize World AIDS Day and commemorate two decades of providing care for HIV/AIDS patients and conducting ground-breaking research.
Jammin' for a Cause
Third-year medical student Tom Stamatis belts out a tune during the third annual IvaDean Scholarship Benefit Concert held on Dec. 1.
New GRI Recruits Impressed by UC's Collaborative Spirit
Jorge Moscat, PhD, and Maria Diaz-Meco, PhD, are two of the Genome Research Institute’s (GRI) newest recruits. And although the duo came to UC from the Spanish National Research Council—a major research organization similar to the National Institutes of Health—they say they aren’t any less busy.
Fernald Screening Program Improves Patient Survival, Overall Health
Sixteen years after the launch of the United States’ first and largest legally mandated comprehensive medical monitoring program, UC researchers believe that people residing near the former Fernald uranium processing plant in southwest Ohio are living longer and enjoying healthier lifestyles compared with the general population.
January News Extras
The UC College of Nursing is soliciting nominations for the 15th annual Florence Nightingale Awards, which recognize excellence in direct patient care. Nominees must be licensed registered nurses and employed in the Tri-state area. Nomination forms are available at and must be postmarked by March 5, 2007. Six nurses will receive the awards, to be presented April 26, 2007. For more information, call (513) 558-5311.
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