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January 2006 Issue

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Clermont Offers Nursing Degree

Published January 2006

Real estate agents emphasize the importance of location all the time--and now nursing students living around UC's Clermont College appreciate why.

In an effort to address the national nursing shortage, the College of Nursing is offering a bachelor of science degree in nursing (BSN) at the Clermont campus beginning this month.

"The Clermont campus is much closer to my home," says Tasha Caseltine, a sophomore who lives in Point Isabel (located between Felicity and Bethel). "It only takes me 20 minutes to get to Clermont, but it takes 50 minutes to get to UC's main campus."

Going to school close to home is important to Caseltine.

"I have two jobs, so it's helpful for me to go to school near my home because it allows me to work during the school year."

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, more than 1 million new and replacement nurses will be needed by 2012. Currently, Clermont is the only four-year institution in the neighboring area (Adams, Brown, Highland, Clermont, Clinton and eastern Hamilton counties) to offer a BSN.

"Recruiting qualified and dedicated nurses is a challenge in many communities, including the suburban and rural counties Clermont serves," says College of Nursing dean Andrea Lindell, DNSc.

"Our program will assist them with their increasing need for registered nurses," Lindell adds.

Gayle Heintzelman, vice president of patient-care services at Mercy Hospital Clermont, agrees.

"I'm excited to see this new program being offered by a quality institution like UC Clermont College," she says. "I'm sure it will be a tremendous resource for our hospital, and it offers a great opportunity for students in the area who are interested in a career in nursing."

Scott Thomas is joining Caseltine in the inaugural BSN class of 25 students. For Thomas, the proximity of Clermont to his home in Anderson and the smaller classes are exciting.

"This program will enable students throughout the Clermont County region to pursue a rewarding, high-demand career close to home," says David Devier, dean of Clermont College. "We're delighted to be collaborating with the College of Nursing to deliver the BSN to this area."

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