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May 2007 Issue

Joseph Broderick, MD
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Faculty Recognized at Annual Awards Celebration

Published May 2007

More than a dozen UC faculty members were recognized May 1 at the Faculty Awards Celebration. Two from the Academic Health Center received awards at this yearly event—which honors research, teaching, public service and other contributions made by UC faculty to students and the community.

Joseph Broderick, MD, professor and chairman of the department of neurology, received the Distinguished Research Professor award.

Broderick was a leader in the testing of t-PA—the only FDA-approved treatment for breaking up the clots associated with ischemic stroke—and was instrumental in the creation of the Greater Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky Stroke Team, which has become one of the most well-known stroke care and research teams in the United States. A peer from another institution refers to Broderick as “one of the most respected and accomplished leaders in clinical research of acute stroke therapy.”

According to College of Medicine dean David Stern, MD, “Dr. Broderick is an outstanding physician, leader, teacher and researcher. His contributions have been instrumental in the upward movement of the university’s ranking in terms of National Institutes of Health awards to medical schools.”

Philip Diller, MD, PhD, associate professor in the department of family medicine, was given the Cohen Award for Excellence in Teaching.

Diller—known for his accessible, teach-by-example style—has made an impact on residents and medical students alike. Says one former medical student turned College of Medicine fellow, “He is acutely aware of the ‘hidden curriculum’ of learners [who are] watching and emulating how he invariably treats staff and patients with dignity and compassion.”

Diller has received state and national recognition for his teaching. In 2005, he was named Family Medicine Educator of the Year by the Ohio Academy of Family Physicians, and in 2006 he received the American Academy of Family Physicians’ Full-Time Faculty Exemplary Teaching Award.

In addition to the traditional faculty awards, the new class of Fellows of the Graduate School was also recognized at the May ceremony. These faculty—selected by the current fellows—are chosen on the basis of outstanding scholarly and/or artistic achievement. Melanie Cushion, PhD, professor, department of internal medicine, division of infectious diseases, and Christopher Wylie, PhD, professor, department of pediatrics, were among the six newly selected fellows.

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